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  • Rebecca Armstrong

Is a holiday for relaxation or not?

For many, the idea of a vacation is to rush from A-Z keeping to a tight schedule and coming home in need of a vaction from your vacation. Sure, make the most of your time off, but did you give yourself any time off?

In a day and age where we're 'connected' we're taking our work home with us and never really getting some much needed R&R, afterall we weren't put on this planet work 24/7 were we?

The reason so many people like to take a sailing holiday, especially in Croatia, is to switch off, wake when their body tells them, not an alarm to prepare for the daily grind. Allow your body to sync with nature and rise when the sun rises, eat when you're hungry, nap when your tired, swim when you're hot and sunbake when you want some crisping.

There's nothing better than taking an early morning dip before breakfast, then setting sail at a leisurely pace to the next island. The travel is calm and relaxing, which is the exact opposite to driving and traffic. The only traffic we see out to sea is other boaties who will give you a friendly wave like they are in on the secret too.

Go forth and relax.

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