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What To Do In Mykonos

Mykonos is more than just thumping music, nightly parties and basking in the beach until your skin turns to prune. The island itself is a melting pot of Greek culture, from food to architecture to even its nooks and crannies. It is a perfect getaway not only for gay people, but for families, friends, even to the lonely backpacker who wants to explore the world and made Greece is starting point.

Travelers will always look for new adventures aside from the normal things found in brochures and websites. It is our normal instinct to discover a world within a place that is seems to be locked under one radar. Sailing, for most people, will not only mean lounging in a yacht or a cruise ship; this will spell finding stories that will fill their journals, take up most of their camera's memory and that feeling of adventure. Your footprints will tell your tales, and it will lead you to places that you once dreamed of going, and Mykonos has tons of it for your pleasure.


While most structures in Mykonos and Greece are clad in white, Little Venice is a vibrant and colorful spot at the end of the harbor. The neighborhood can be quiet at first, mainly because of its humble past where ship captains came to call Little Venice home. Peek in one alley and you can find a snug restaurant and enjoy a glass of wine, while on the other side is a shop full of Grecian trinkets. There are also a number of clubs and bars that you can hang out and spend the rest of your evening.


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Easily the most recognizable infrastructure in Mykonos are the windmills that line up in Chora. Once used as mills to grind grain, these windmills are now private homes, while some has been transformed into museums. Still, they are sights to behold, although only seven have been preserved.


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Churches will dot Mykonos – 365, according to locals – but the Panagia Paraportiani stands tall from the rest of the religious edifices. The church is told be as old as time itself and dates back during the Byzantine era. The white-washed structure still has its spiritual aura, alongside religious elements that tell of the hands that once took care of it.


Delos is Greece's contribution to the world of architecture and hence, proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the Greek pages tells it, Delos is the birthplace of the famous Artemis and Apollo, and was once considered as the political and religious epicenter of the Cyclades. Lush greens and verdant flowers that surround the site tickles the imagination of what it used to be, and fittingly, it still has a breeze of old.


For a more subtle Mykonian experience is what you looking for, head over to Vioma Organic Farm. Here you can enjoy authentic Mykonian delicacies such as cheeses, hams and of course, Greek Salad. Its vineyard spells wine, too, so grab a glass and enjoy life.

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