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Scuba Diving and Sailing Holiday


We have created a unique scuba and sailing program called the 'Dive Week' where you will sail an extraordinary Croatian itinerary and island hop your way up the coast and enjoy dives in some extraordinary locations.


Croatia offers divers a surprising number of dive sites to choose from including reefs, underwater caverns, pillars and canyons. As for wrecks the island of Vis has the most around her, including and not limited to WWI and WWII shipwrecks and a B-17 bomber. The island is circled with dive sites, so the biggest challenge you’ll have is deciding where to go. 


Beginners will need to be mindful of depths, as some of the best dives are deep.  For advanced divers, this is a paradise of dive sites to choose from. 


Diving is just a part of the sailing holiday, you will enjoy the sailing adventure as you island hop from Split to Dubrovnik, you will call into private bays for your afternoon swim and lunch, before you set sail to your next island.

You don’t need to be a diver to participate, you may just want to totally relax or try something new when you sail Croatia on your private yacht.




  • The best Croatian sailing itinerary in the area (in our opinion)

  • Spectacular selection of dive sites along the itinerary

  • Hostess provided on all voyages

  • A full day of sailing, swimming, diving and exploring the islands

  • Learn to sail (if you want) with your qualified skipper

  • Daily swim stops in the crystal clear water

  • Enjoy Hvar’s buzzing nightlife & fine dining

  • Visit the famous island of Vis and her plethora of wrecks

  • Be welcomed by the warm hospitality of the locals

  • Let your taste buds come alive with the local food and wines

  • Take in the sights and relax as we sail the coast

  • Golden sunsets and sunrises like nothing you've seen before

  • A sky full of stars at night, with no light pollution

  • The most comprehensive dive & sailing week package! 



Day 1 (Sat)         Dubrovnik - Okuklje (Mljet)

Day 2 (Sun)        Okuklje – Pomena (Mljet)*

Day 3 (Mon)       Pomena - Korčula*

Day 4 (Tue)        Korčula - Palmižana/Hvar*

Day 5 (Wed)       Palmižana/Hvar - Vis*

Day 6 (Thu)        Vis – Maslinica (Šolta)**

Day 7 (Fri)          Maslinica - Split (Marina Kaštela)

Day 8 (Sat)         Split (Disembark 8am)

* Afternoon dive

** Morning dive

The reverse trip follows the same itinerary, with a replacement of Milna on Brač instead of Maslinica on Šolta.

Split to Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is an absolute 'must see' town and it's wise to arrive a day or two early to really explore the fortified town and sink your teeth into her. 


There are no shortage of activities including the walking tour of the wall, the Game of Thrones walk, kayak around the outside of the fortified walls or even sneak in an early dive before you start your 'Dive Week' with us. 

You will arrive at the marina, find the boat and we'll head out soon afterwards to get the adventure started. 


Our first stop is the traditional fishing village of Okuklje. This little gem is a terrific introduction to Croatian hospitality and Dalmatian food. 


We berth and dine in a family-run restaurant where they will kill you with kindness and the food is pretty amazing too!  


No street lights means an amazing celestial display, so after dinner stay up a little longer and look to the sky, you won't be disappointed. 

Sea Creatures
Plane Wreck Vis
  • Seven days/nights accommodation on your luxury private yacht

  • Oceanis 48 yacht (worth €5,600 p/w in peak season)

  • Full crew: Skipper and hostess

  • Air conditioning (if booked on our Oceanis 48)

  • Your weekly marina & port fees (circa €650)

  • One way delivery fee (€750)

  • Final cleaning fee (€250)

  • Tourism taxes

  • Half board, your hostess will prepare your breakfast & lunch

  • BYO alcohol

  • Snorkelling gear 

  • Learn how to sail or test your skills with your qualified skipper

  • A private yacht for a fraction of the cost to do it yourself

  • Always a small group on board

  • Wifi (4G unlimited data)

  • No hidden charges or 'departure taxes'

We offer the most inclusions and the best value for money!



Mljet is the most beautiful and most forested island in the Adriatic and one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean.  


We will explore the coastline as we sail up towards the National Park and our port of Pomena.  Once in port, you'll be able to take an afternoon dive and if you have the energy afterwards, you can hire a mountain bike and cycle around the lake in the National Park. 

Whether you choose to have an active afternoon or sit by the water with a cool refreshment, you'll love the town of Pomena.


We'll set off early to be sure to have enough time to sail and also arrive in the marina with time for an afternoon dive. 

We arrive at the postcard-perfect marina in the heart of fortified Korcula Island with plenty of time to wander the old backstreets after your dive.


Korčula is the home place of Marco Polo and also some exceptional restaurants and bars. You can enjoy a sunset cocktail overlooking the bay, wander the cobbled streets and ponder the town's history. There's no shortage of things to see and do in Korčula.


Hvar is the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. It has been famous since the antique because of its important strategic and nautical position.


We arrive in the bay of Vinogradisce, where we're staying on a mooring overnight. The bay is a perfect protected haven ideal for swimming around the boat, exploring the island or taking a water taxi to Hvar for an afternoon dive. 


Hvar has a plethora of restaurants, bars and is alight with activity and ideal if you're looking to make an evening of it.


Vis has to be one of the highlights of the trip.  We will leave early to get a head start on the day's activities and our first stop will be the old submarine silo!  Explore the silo and jump from the top, if you dare!

After a morning's excitement, we're off to secure a berth on the town quay where you're free to explore the magical island with a military tour, wine tour, hire a scooter to explore or to take one of the amazing shipwrecks, plane wrecks or other dives.


Remember to save your appetite, there are some tremendous local cheese, meats, wines and restaurants here. Yum! 


Maslinica is a beautiful traditional fishing village on the Island of Šolta. We don't set off to Maslinica until later in the day after you've had the opportunity to sneak in a morning dive on Vis! 

After a morning's excitement, we'll set sail and make our way to our marina and squeeze in a swim stop for lunch if there's time. 


We have a couple of amazing restaurants to choose from and as always we're treated with the warm hospitality of the locals and we enjoy the traditional village.


Split, the old town is built around a sheltered harbour, sheltered from the open sea by many islands and close to the airport.  


Split has high coastal mountains set against the blue Adriatic, provide a striking vistas while home to many of the city’s café’s and boutique shops.  

The fortified Old Town is a magical town to explore by both day and night.  We'd suggest to stay an extra day or two if you can to soak up the atmosphere in the town and even consider going north to the lakes and water falls! 


Before you are legally permitted to dive, you are required to obtain a Croatian diving permit. The cost 100 Kuna and can you can get one at dive centres and dive clubs on presentation of your passport and diving certification card. It's valid for a year.

The diving season is from May to November, with the warmest months being July and August.  In September and October the water is still want and tourist numbers have reduced.

Summer water temperatures range from 22°C to 25°C at the surface and drop to 19°C below 12m. Most people are more comfortable in a wet suit even in summer. Winter water is a chilly 11°C at the surface.

There is minimal tide in Croatia (about 1 foot of tide) and wave height is generally low, but can raise in open areas when the winds are high. The current is generally weak, but be mindful of channels and convergence points. 

Some of the dives are deep, as the depth drops off quickly to 80 meters.  Some dives are for beginners and intermediate divers, while others can be up to 50-60 meters deep.

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