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Don't take our word for it, some of our guests have shared some of their thoughts on sailing with us.




South Africa

We spent a wonderful week with Johnathan and Rino sailing from Split to Dubrovnik. Not only was the scenery magical with crystal clear waters it was one of the best trip experiences with the best crew. They made the trip unforgettable, were so helpful, funny and really give you the chance let your hair down and enjoy. They gave great recommendations on tours to do on the islands, restaurants to try and made sure there were MANY good times. We even learned how to sail, AMAZE! Thank you so much for your lovely hospitality!!



The perfect relaxation holiday with fantastic hosts, Tej and Milla sailing our mono hull Mo Ja Ti in Croatia. We then sailed Greece on a 43ft catamaran called Blue Steel in the gorgeos Ionian Islands with Joe and Rosie as our hosts...both experiences were just incredible, the food was divine...would definitely recommend this...thanks for an amazing holiday



Just came from teaching yoga along the Croatian Coast. Have to say our crew were incredible from the food on board and recommendations on the islands to taking us to secluded swimming spots in the middle of the Adriatic. Unbelievable, once in a lifetime experience. We were a mixed group of yogis with some who have never done yoga before and of all ages , but as the saying goes yoga is not all about getting into poses. I designed the practices to include time for meditation and breath work and so all levels could participate, warm up safely, and choose options depending on level , and in the end get to that state of calmness and bliss. Wasn’t hard to do in the Mediterranean. We all enjoyed the beautiful vistas at every practice, and some peaceful in the moment walking meditations to end our practice. Lots of laughter, and playfulness throughout the week. This yoga holiday was so much fun that I will be offering another yoga week on the Coast of Greece in September 2020. Thank you Yoga Med Holidays for making this holiday for me and my group a memorable experience.



Just returned from a week sailing from Split to Dubrovnik with our amazing, best-in-class captain and skipper John and Rino! The trip included great recommended activities and restaurants along the way, incredible meals provided on the boat, and great fun had by all! I would recommend Pride Sailing Holidays to anyone looking for a one of a kind getaway experience!



Christine has joined our Med Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...


How did you enjoy your holiday experience with Med Sailing Holidays?


“It was awesome, I enjoyed it a lot! It was really great like the best sailing vacation ever!”


How would rate the quality of food and the experience with your skipper?


“Well, the hostess will probably be 12 out of 10…hehe! She made like the best dishes! And the skipper is also 12 out of 10…”


Do you think you’ll see yourself doing another holiday like this in Croatia in the future?



Check out the full video here!

Mary & Doug

United States

Mary and Doug have joined our Med Sailing Holiday trip in Greece and here's what they have to say about it...


How did you enjoy your trip with Pride Sailing Holidays?


Mary: “Best time of our life…“

Doug: “By far the best vacation ever…best vacation…”


Mary: “Islands and beaches were fabulous!”

So are you coming back?


“Oh we’ll be coming back…many cruises!”

You can check out the full video here!


United Kingdom

Listen to Heath share the best moments of his trip in Greece! Check out the full video here!


United States

Devon has joined our Pride Sailing Holiday trip and here's what he has to say about it...

How did you enjoy your trip with Pride Sailing Holidays?

"This trip has been amazing!"

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited? 

"Every port was unique, it has it's own feel..."

How did you enjoy the food on and off the boat?

"We have this cook named Satya and she cooked these tasty-a** meals!..."

How would you rate the trip as far as vacation goes?

"Well i haven't taken a week long vacation for years and it's well worth it..."

Check out the full video here!

George & Makrina


George and Makrina has joined our Med Sailing Holiday trip and here's what they have to say about it...

How did you enjoy your trip with med sailing Holidays?

George: "Wonderful"
Makrina "Med Sailing Holidays is the best part of our holiday...better than I expected..."

Would you recommend Med Sailing Holidays to your friends?

Makrina: "I would recommend it to all of our friends...we had the best time..."

Check out the full video here!


United Kingdom

Claire has joined our Yoga Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"Fantastic was a very good mix...It was really good balance..."

What did you think about the yoga?

"It was fantastic! I really like Liz's style...I've really enjoyed the classes..."

Overall experience?

"Yeah, it's been amazing...I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it to friends."

Check out the full video here!


United States

Tracy has joined our Yoga Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"Ummm, they are really get the variety..."

What did you think about the yoga?

"It was amazing!...Hahaha! It was really good. We've done a lot!"

Overall experience?

"I think it's been a great experience! Yes, i would definitely recommend to friend and let 'em know how good it is..."

Check the full video here!


United States

Aleta has joined our Yoga Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"Umm...I really, I liked the variety of ports..."

What did you think about the food on the boat?

"I loved the food on the boat! Zoe, our hostess, did such a great job of preparing simple, delicious meals.."

What did you think of the yoga?

"Uhh...i loved the yoga with Liz...and I love the location of the yoga...It so much different from doing yoga on the yoga studio..."

Overall experience?

"It was great! I loved it!"

Check out the full video here!


United Kingdom

Jodie has joined our Yoga Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"I really enjoyed it..."

What did you think about the food on the boat?

"Yeah, I really enjoyed it..."

What did you think of the yoga?

"I loved it...Liz was amazing, absolutely amazing..."

Overall experience?

"Yeah had an amazing time, it was lovely. Bali was great.."

Check out the full video here!


United Kingdom

Nikki has joined our Yoga Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"It was a great variety of ports...really really nice..."

Overall experience?

"I've loved it, I've really enjoyed the whole week. It's been really's been great!"

Check out the full video here!


United Kingdom

Watch Lee give his heart warming message and recommendations. Check out the video here!



Veronica spills the tea on her first time being on a boat. Check out the video here!


United States

Sasha vlogs about his first time doing yoga on a sailing holiday. Check out the full video here!



Joanna vlogs about her yoga sailing experience with us!  Check out the full video here!


New Zealand

Rosemary has joined our Med Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...

How did you enjoy your trip with Med Sailing Holidays?

"Oh it was just so wonderful...I was so excited about coming but it exceeded my expectations...just wonderful"

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"Yeah, they were all different...yes, i enjoyed them all."

How did you enjoy the food on and off the boat?

"Oh well...y'know the food was so beautifully presented, um it looks so was all so appetizing which just lovely."

And, how would you rate this trip as as the vacation goes?

"It was really tops!..."

And, what would you say to anyone sitting on the fence about coming on this trip?

"'re a bit of a fool if you don't come..."

You can watch her full review here!

Lucy and Yvan


Lucy and Yvan have joined our Med Sailing Holiday trip and here's what they has to say about it...

How did you enjoy your trip with Med Sailing Holidays?

"It was fantastic...great group of people"

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"It was really good...we had many different opportunities to go for a hike or hills...great swimming spots"

How did you enjoy the food on and off the boat?

"On the boat, everything was just wayyyy above my expectations"

And, what would you say to anyone sitting on the fence about coming on this trip?

"Just do it! Stop being on the fence, just book it!"

You can watch their full review here!


United States

Nancy has joined our Yoga Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...



How did you enjoy your trip with Yoga Sailing Holidays?

"I have had an incrdible week. The people i've met have surpassed my expectations. I was so excited about this trip but it was even better than I expected"?

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"I love them...There was a great variety!"

How did you enjoy the food on and off the boat?

"I thought the food on board was awesome. It started out, like y'know pretty high bar and every meal just kinda surpass that was presented beautifully and graciously and our hostess was so lovely in every way."

What do you think about the yoga experience?

"It was so fun and was thoughtful and it was connected. Julie was, intuitive instructor...I love the yoga and the meditation..."



You can watch her full review here!


United Kingdom

Josephine has joined our Yoga Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...



How did you enjoy your trip with Yoga Sailing Holidays?


"It was absolutely fantastic right from the beginning to the end...a jolly good holiday"?

Any highlights?

"Um..I think there was several, I think the company...the highlights were...I came by myself. I though the mixture of everybody, i've met people from all different walks of life, different countries."


How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"I thought the islands were stunning...and it's a perfect opportunity to do a trip like this, whether you're doing yoga or just sailing...very nice balance."


How did you enjoy the food on and off the boat?


"Yummy...yummy on my tummy!"



You can watch her full review here!


United States

Molly has joined our Yoga Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...


How did you enjoy your trip with Yoga Sailing Holidays?

"It was absolutely wonderful, just from beginning to the end...wonderful!


How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited?

"Uh Croatia is a beautiful country, absolutely gorgeous - mountains, clear blue water. Love Korcula, the welts city, lots of history too here and there...just some really, really nice mix with some sailing in between"

How was your yoga sessions?

"A really good mix - yoga in the morning and meditation at night with lots of time for swimming, exploring and sailing in between."​

You can watch her full review here!


United States

Vincent has joined our Pride Sailing Holiday trip and here's what he has to say about it...

How did you enjoy your trip with Med Sailing Holidays?

"I loved it, I love it! A great way to wring in my 24th year of life!"

How you enjoy the variety of ports and towns we visited? 


"I loved them, I love the party vibe of Hvar...I like all the varieties, very nice."

How did you enjoy the food on and off the boat?

"I love the food on the boat! I was quite impressed with what are amazing Satya would cook up in a small little kitchen..."

How would you rate the trip as far as vacation goes?

"I thought it was amazing! I will be back next year bringing more gays, more boats, more "fabulousity", more flags, more outfits, more flamboyance! Get ready Croatia! I'm coming back."


You can watch his full review here!



Dawn has joined our Yoga Sailing Holiday trip and here's what she has to say about it...

How did you enjoy your trip with Med Sailing Holidays?


"It was absolutely amazing! It was a different type of holiday that i've ever been on but I enjoyed every single minute of it."

How did you enjoy the food on and off the boat?  "The FOOD was amazing!...

How would you rate the trip as far as vacation goes?


"I would rate it as one of the best I've been on...well worth it, the experience was amazing.

You can watch her full review here!



I spent a wonderful week with Yoga Sailing Holidays in Croatia this past summer.


It was a transforming experience for me. Total rejuvenation I must say. This retreat was not only good for the soul and energy, but also was awakening of all senses.


We sailed through the serene waters of Adriatic, experienced the impeccable nature and places, and tasted the most delicious fruits and foods every single day!!! I traveled solo and made new friends. There aren't enough words to explain how thankful I am that our paths crossed with our yoga instructor Donna Freakie. You inspired me and made this spiritual journey so rich and unforgettable. Thank you for everything! And our skipper Jonathan Colwell you are such an amazing person with your energy and smile on your face. Thanks to you "this person" knows how to throw the ropes and make that s-8 knot (I mean kind of :p).


You took us to the most beautiful spots, and you always had an answer for any questions we may have had. Yoga Sailing Holidays family thank you for everything you did for making this journey possible...

Anton & Vivette

South Africa

“We really enjoyed it a lot, it’s nice”

“We really, really happy about all the places.  Every time I get to a place, I think it’s better than the last one, these small ports and the larger towns, it’s really nice”

“The food on the boat has been fantastic, it’s fresh and really tasty”

As far as holidays go, how would you rate it:  “This is my top holiday so far” and “next time we’ll have to get a boat full of fiends to come with us, that’d be super nice” 

When asked what other people should do, if they’re not sure about booking:  “Do it, just do it.  It’s so beautiful and peaceful.” 

You can watch their review here:


United States of America

Bryan went on camera to answer some questions about his trip and this is what he had to say: 

"It was lovely, I had a really good time"

"I would rate the trip 10/10, it was probably one of the best holidays I’ve ever been on!"

"Just do it, I’ve never been on a boat and don’t even know how to swim. I’ve learned how to sail a boat and definitely recommend it, just go and do it."

You can watch his review for yourself here:

Andrea & Eloise


Andrea and Eloise joined their Yoga Sailing Holidays trip as solo travelers and left with new friends and experiences.  This is what they had to say:


Yoga Sailing Holidays  has been a fantastic week, the crew has been wonderful, I’ve made some wonderful friends, I was traveling by myself, I got to share this with some wonderful people and got to practise some great yoga and see some amazing islands”

“It was awesome, the staff were amazing, the food was amazing the islands were pretty cool and had lots of fun”

There are so many highlights from this week, including shooting stars, yoga while the sun was setting and more…

You can watch the whole review here:



How was your trip:  “Our trip with Med Sailing was fantastic and we’ve already booked our next holiday”

What has been your highlights of the trip:  “The highlight has been making new friends and also discovering the beautiful Ionian Waters.  Breath taking.”

How have you loved the itinerary: “…we’ve had a very relaxed holiday” 

What would you say to anyone that’s still on the fence about booking: “Do it, treat yourself”

You can see her review here:

Janette, Shane, Maree & Michael


How have you enjoyed your trip with Med Sailing: “What can you say, it’s been fantastic!”

How have you enjoyed the variety of towns/ports?:  “The towns were sensational, varied.  The anchoring was always enjoyable”.

How have you enjoyed the food on and off the boat? “Food on the boat was much better than the food off the boat”

How would you rate the trip as far as a vacation goes? “Do we have to go home?!” and “It’s an experience of a lifetime”

What would you say to anyone who’s still on the fence about booking?: “Do it, just do it, you won’t regret it” 

You can watch her review here:

Deena & Jennine

United States of America

Deena & Jeninne loved their 7-day island hopping adventure along the Adriatic Coast and share their comments on their vacation with you: 


"We sailed for a beautiful week and we got to experience trimming and tacking" 

"The meals were very fresh and healthy"

"Our skipper Marko showed all the different islands, he brought us to very nice restaurants, we ate authentic seafood….”


"We’ve been to so many beautiful places on the Adriatic Sea"

Watch the video of Deena and Jennine here:



How have you enjoyed your trip with Med Sailing: “Excellent, thank you”

Has the food been? “Oh, excellent.  I want to marry the girl” (hostess)

How have you loved the itinerary: “It’s been fantastic” 

What would you say to anyone who’s still on the fence about booking?: “Absolutely do it, it’s fantastic” 

You can watch her review here:



Sophie loved her Yoga Sailing vacation with Med Sailing Holidays and enjoyed the smaller size of the group on the trip.  Here's what she had to say: 

“I really want to thank you for a beautiful cruise, with a very dynamic team, always smiling joking and enjoying yoga. We have a very good teacher.  I recommend her and the captain”.

"I enjoyed all the ports and all the lovely islands"

"The food was amazing and you (hostess) is very creative"

"I will recommend them (Med Sailing Holidays)"

You can watch her review here:

Kiki & Family


“It was really good”

“The food was awesome”

The booking process was “Very easy with quick responses”

When it comes to booking your trip “Yeah do it, don’t go any further that you guys” 

You can watch their review here:

Bennie & Peter


Bennie & Peter enjoyed their Sail Croatia holiday with Med Sailing Holidays. 

They said: "Fantastic" "Loved it" "The food was free, tasty and varied"

It was their first time to Croatia and "recommend it to anyone" 

It was their first time 'proper' sailing and have advice for any first-timers "Go for it.  It’s a good introduction to sailing, relaxed, do as much as you want or do nothing" 

You can see their comments here:



Skipper, hostesses, food and destinations have all been excellent, can't recommend highly enough! Such a good crew of people.


Outstanding trip and great value for $$ too, we'll be back to do the Greece trip with these guys



Absolutely loved it. Was a bit worried at the beginning as some reviews were not great and I am a bit spoiled when it comes to travel and boats... But my friends who have been before convinced me that it's amazing - and it was!


We had a blast, to say the least. Count me in for next year!!!



What a wonderful week sailing from Split to Dubrovnik! Truly spectacular!


We got to see all different types of ports. Some lively ones for when you feel like partying and some quieter ones when you just feel like relaxing.


Our skipper Jon and hostess Ricarda were great. They were super accommodating with everyone's needs on the boat. We all bonded rather quickly which made the trip even that much more comfortable!


I would definitely recommend Med Sailing Holidays to anyone thinking about going on vacation. One of the best vacations I've ever had!!



Amazing week sailing the Greek islands. Great crew, very friendly, food was very creative and amazingly tasty. Lovely itinerary, with some very nice places for a swim and at the same time visited very beautiful islands.


Highly recommended! Will definitely be back again!


New Zealand

Sadly my week sailing around Greece is coming to an end. I wanted to thank Med Sailing Holidays for the amazing week. Beautiful swimming spots, highlight being the Blue Caves. The food we had for breakfast and lunch was delicious.


We will be back!



This is the second time we booked a boat with Med Sailing and will definitely repeat that next year: easy and uncomplicated communication, friendly and professional staff and boats in excellent condition. We also got really good tips for restaurants and some hidden spots on our way, thank you a lot!


New Zealand

The endlessly amazing on water conditions of the Adriatic in July were

the perfect backdrop for a week hopping from port to port and

exploring the diversity of each of the unique islands of Croatia.  


In 2 weeks I don’t think I saw a cloud!  There’s something for every

personality and so much variety that there’s no time to get bored.

For the foodies there’s the island of Vis with it’s bakeries, vendors

selling ridiculously good locally made cheese and prosciutto, not to

mention the wine, seafood and other delicacies including truffles!!

(Pro tip: Grab some freshly baked croissants and espresso to rival the

Italians, just 100 miles across the Adriatic, before setting sail in

the morning).  Not to say the other islands are lacking in the foodie

department.  Most of them you can find amazing Dalmatian versions of

borek, pizza, black squid ink risotto and Peka (trust me just ask the

skipper to order ahead for dinner one night).


If you want to party you have the nightlife of Hvar before relaxing

again stopping at secluded bays for a cooling swim while sailing to

the next island.  Not that you will cool down too much as the water is

like a bath that you can stay in all day!!  In fact one of my

favourite things of the trip was to wake up the morning we moored in a

bay rather than a marina and simply walk to the back of the yacht and

simply fall into the crystal clear water.  For the history buffs

there’s the port of Korcula to explore, which also had the most

amazing local band playing covers most nights after yet another

absolutely stunning sunset.


And I haven’t even mentioned the sailing yet!  The crew was more than

happy to teach everything from tying knots to trimming the sails and

even helming the yacht.  At the same time you can happily laze away

the transits sunbathing on the deck if you’d prefer, it's entirely up

to you!  This was one of the main differences to the larger ‘yachts’,

which seem to have masts for show only. Having done both a larger

cruise style as well as a more intimate sailing around Croatia I can

honestly say that I much prefered the smaller yacht and more relaxed

itinerary.  If you are curious about sailing or keen to get more hands

on then I would absolutely recommend letting Med Sailing holidays take

you on a tour of these amazing islands.  And don’t forget to tag on a

few days at either end to explore the beautiful towns of Dubrovnik and

Split to round out your Croatian adventure.

Noelle & Steve


“You know those beautiful, perfect, pristine postcards you find that has Greece on it? This trip has 100% outdone those” & “we’re getting to places that we thought we’d never-ever get to before” Noelle

You can check out their review here:

Anthony & Vicky


“Med Sailing Holidays was an absolutely fantastic experience, the whole 7 nights was sailing in fantastic conditions, Skipper Geoff was marvellous and sorted any dramas we had out without any problem and we enjoyed fine sailing and wonderful weather for the whole 7 nights” 


“10 out of 10” - Anthony

“The things dreams are made of” - Vicky


Watch their review here:  

Roger & Bronwyn

New Zealand

“Wow, where do we begin.  It’s a dream come true and exceeded all expectations” and when asked what advice they can give for anyone considering a trip like this for themselves “Stop thinking about it and just do it”  - Roger

You can see their comments for yourself here

Jacquie, Cameron & Jeremy


“Cliff jumping, that was pretty cool” 

“Last days just laying in the sun and the swimming”

“If you’re looking for some party or just some scenery, it’s awesome” 

The guys loved their sailing holiday experience, watch their review here: 

Yvonne and John

New Zealand

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and I do not have a favourite point” because “it’s been continuous, from start to finish”

“come and do it” and “don’t delay”

“thoroughly enjoyed the sailing for someone who’s not sailed before”


Yvonne and John enjoyed their sailing holiday and you can view their review here

Mark, Susie, Dana & Larry

United States of America

“The skipper's the best, he knows his way around the islands and all the good dining spots, a good time was had by all” 

“He knows all the great coves to go into and we highly recommend it”

“Beautiful water and fabulous relaxation”

The guys loved their Greek Islands sailing adventure, you can see their video here: 

Maddy, Ally & Elena

United States of America

“Awesome, ten out of ten”


“Swimming everywhere because the water was so pretty and we went to really cool spots”

You can view their review here:

Nicolina, Andy, Joey & Jenny

United States of America

“Fantastic, awesome, it was great”

“The shipwreck was awesome” 

“The naked skipper swimming race was the highlight” 

The guys loved thier Greek Islands sailing holiday with us, check out their comments here: 



Just wanted to say thanks again, we had an amazing week and couldn't have been happier with the crew that we got.


All the boys  loved the places that we visited, the restaurants that they recommended, and the meals that they prepared which played a massive part in the awesome week that we had. It all sounded to good to be true when we read over the itinerary and all the extras that came with the package, but you well and truly delivered on every little detail that had been discussed and managed to exceed all of our expectations. I hope it's not the last time that we see or hear from you and the Med Sailing Crew, I hope that Med Sailing takes off in other parts of the world so that we can come over and do it all again in a different country.


Best of luck in the future.

Nikita G

New Zealand

Ultra week onboard with Med Sailing holidays Was honestly the best week of my life! 

Going into day one, I didn't quite know what to expect or how the week would go. Within an hour of being on the boat, we had already made friends with the 3 other Med Sailing yachts and were doing shots together in no time - this was just the beginning. 

Within the 7 days onboard we partied until the sun came up, drank ice cold drinks, ate amazing food, learnt the basics of sailing and swam in the clearest waters! Sleeping in hammock up on board was a massive highlight for me watching the sunrise was just perfect!

Thank you to everyone involved in yacht week for ultra festival, it was beyond my expectations and I will definitely be coming back!



"I've sailed all around the world, a lot of sailing in Australia and this is definately one of my most favourite"

Dan loved his holiday with Med Sailing Holidays, check out his video review here:  

Nikita K

New Zealand

The Med Sailing Holidays Ultra Week 2016! Wow! This week can only be described as an insane once in a lifetime trip! 

We were incredibly lucky to have Skipper Geoff who was awesome. His knowledge on the places we traveled was incredible and he was always down for a cheeky mid day tipple! 

The route that we took was very carefully thought out and included all the great photo and swimming spots. The little islands that we docked at every night were beautiful and you could do them at your own pace whether it be a quiet dinner to an out of control all nighter. 

The skippers and hosts knew all the good little local spots and a lot of good food recommendations. The boat it self was awesome and very comfortable with more room than expected. Geoff was very knowledgable with sailing and we could get involved as much as we wanted to. We all walked off the boat knowing how to win a sailing race against a fellow Australian boat! 

The food was again amazing and the fresh fruit every day was a definite hit. All in all this trip was one to tick off the bucket list and I will definitely be back to sail the Adriatic Sea. Well done guys! Also a massive thanks to Nick and Candice for all the work they put in to making our trip that much more enjoyable, also our lovely hostess Brit! Your banana pancakes were truly amazing! If your looking for a professional yet fun way to sail around Croatia then look no further!


Med Sailing Holidays you guys rock!

Matt and Victoria

United States of America

"It was excellent" and "ten out of ten" - Matt

"It was gorgeous, it was the perfect vacation" - Victoria.


Matt and Victoria loved their sailing holiday with Med Sailing Holidays. You can watch their video review here:



Kirsten loved her sailing holiday with Med Sailing Holidays, see her review here:



A fabulous week sailing on board the Sea Princess!  Every day was exciting and different, heading off somewhere new under the expert guidance of Geoff, our Captain. 


The islands were magical and the sea turquoise blue and crystal clear, exactly how you dream it should be. Our days were so much fun stopping at stunning bays and remote little coves, spending time lazing in the sunshine and then jumping in for a swim / splash / snorkel in the gorgeous warm sea. And the nights were a mix of tiny local restaurants and the buzz of some of the old towns. All were full of amazing food and local wine! 


Geoff was great - certainly knew his stuff and kept the boys engaged with sailing tips and mini lessons. Which meant the girls could relax and enjoy the sunshine! What more could we ask for?! 


A trip full of laughter and adventure - a fantastic experience that I would definitely recommend. Now time to plan the next one…

Ben and Shannon

United States of America

Before booking this trip, we weren’t sure if this was the way to go in Croatia.  We had never been on a sailing trip before and were a bit apprehensive about the whole idea.  We are so glad we did this; it was one of the best weeks we have ever had and one of the most unique vacation experiences we will probably ever have.  We are looking forward to sailing again with Med Sailing Holidays. 


Ben and Shannon loved their trip, watch their testimonial video here! 


New Zealand

Tahlia loved her holiday with Med Sailing Holidays, check out her video review here:  


United States of America

"It was the best vacation we've ever had" - Nancy

Nancy loved her trip with Med Sailing Holidays, check out her review here:



Where do I start...the first thing that comes into mind is "When is the next trip?"  I mean where do I start, Geoff and Lauren (the hostess) was so welcoming, professional. They made it fun and safe for all of us.


Geoff himself is a fun (I wont get into that :-) ) and funny, but also straight up genuine dude, VERY switched on with what is going on, even though some of us, who were supposed to be helping as the crew (more about that later), were being slack at their assigned role. I have seen this dude sail the boat single handed where 3 grown men (yes us) struggled to do together. Pretty impressive I say...and re-assuring.  He swears he doesn't go to the gym in between trips, but I don't believe him ;) :P 


We were given the choice to be crew members if we were interested, which meant we got an insight on how to sail.  Of course all us men eagerly accepted...while the girls just looked up and re-applied sun screen.  It made it so much more fun feeling like you are part of the crew.  All us men rotated between jobs....and I don't mean mopping the and serious jobs, i.e. tying up the boat when mooring, anchoring, how to do proper knots, pulling the sails in and out, and even navigating and steering the boat.  Super fun in my books. All this time the girls just looked pretty and worked on their complains from us stallions ;)


The trip and route itself was simply magical, ours was Croatia this time around. I dont want to spoil it too much but....crystal clear waters, secret spots where other tour boats do not go, secret magical coves, wine tasting stops, local food was just heavenly. One night we had a dress up night and all dressed up as sailors for ultra fun night out in Hvar!  Although my favourite was our wine and cheese stop, where Geoff tasked us to fetch local wine and cheese at one of our stops, we hired classic convertible VW beetles (scooters were sold out), trekked it to the vineyards to taste and buy wine to take back to the boat where we had a night of degustation under the stars.  Heaven on earth!    I can go on.... urgh take me back!


Geoff, asked me to write this testimonial ASAP so that it is fresh in my mind, but to be honest I only had a chance now and its been weeks, it feels like yesterday.  This sort of experience leaves a deep mark in your heart like a tattoo, it doesn't go away. It goes with out saying that I would highly recommend Med Sailing Holidays to anyone who seeks fun, chilled out (no too chilled out) adventure in the sun. As I write this I dream of the next time I become crew again for Geoff, and more adventures and wine under the stars!



"I had an absolute great time, totally recommend it" - Joseph

Joseph loved his trip with Med Sailing Holidays, see his review here:


United States of America

Had to let you know how perfect the trip you planned for us through the Cyclades turned out.  The catamaran was exactly as expected and the captain (Geoff) was superb.  Loved sailing with him as he was so knowledgable and accommodating. Also, wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in organizing this trip and responding quickly to all of our email inquiries.  


You might be interested to know that we spent 2 nights at the Poseidon Hotel only 2-3 blocks from the marina where we started the trip and found the accommodations to be very nice, as well as a great value.


Thanks again for all you did to help arrange a fantastic sailing vacation.


Marijane loved her trip with Med Sailing Holidays, check out her review here:

Katherine and Michael


"The best holiday we've ever had, with Nick and Candyce" - Katherine and Michael

Katherine and Michael loved their trip with Med Sailing Holidays, check out his review here:


United States of America

"I have nothing but positive things to say about these guys, top notch" - Greg.

Greg loved his trip with Med Sailing Holidays, check out his review here:

Nancy & Pedro

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This sailing holiday is an unforgettable and super cool experience!! 


My husband and I enjoyed miles of blue and turquoise sea, white beaches, and we discovered terrific and exclusive places. We sailed, swim and snorkelled in amazing places, which are accessible only by boat. 


Geoff, the Captain, planned the itinerary and suggested different activities for each day. He has the perfect formula between fun, relaxation and peace. He took care for every detail. Even daily breakfast and lunch were included on board. And if you like to sail, Geoff’s also a great sailing instructor! 


The sailboat was great, new and comfortable. Everything was just perfect!! A fantastic alternative to the traditional beach vacation. 


I highly recommend!! Thanks Geoff!!

Steve & Neena

United Kingdom

Neena and I had a wonderful week sailing.


Geoff was an excellent skipper and was very happy to teach sailing techniques, or to leave you to swim and sunbath as you wished. The scenery and weather were great, the food onboard tasty, and stopping in little harbours for food in a local restaurant was lovely. Geoff always chatted to us to discuss options of what to do and where to go, and had an excellent knowledge of all the little hideaways.


Book this trip, you won't regret it!

Jess, Tiffy & James

England & Australia

Wow! Now this was a proper holiday. What could be better than sailing for a week from Split to Dubrovnik with blue skies, warm sunshine and the most beautiful, clear, warm ocean to jump into and enjoy? There are a number of things that set this sailing trip apart from any other. Firstly, knowledge. Geoff not only provided an amazing time, but knows all the best and most beautiful places to visit including bays, caves and restaurants. Some of the places we visited exceeded our expectations, and felt like hidden gems as no one else seems to know about them! Secondly, Geoff was happy to accommodate all our requests of places to sail to and visit, going above and beyond the itinerary to provide us with a unique experience that other companies can only wish to provide. And thirdly, the excellent service from first contact to our farewells. The team at Med Sailing Holidays ensured that every step of the process was smooth and easy, an exact reflection of how the whole week felt.


We cannot recommend Med Sailing Holidays highly enough, the memories of this once in a lifetime trip will stay with us forever.

Martin & Colm

New Zealand & Ireland

Our advice is do this trip.


On the Sea Princess for one week from Dubrovnik to Split the summer of 2015 was pretty damn special.  Geoff made us feel welcomed from the get go. One of the highlights for me was the sailing and the amount of it we did.  This was made extra special in the fact that you could be as hands on as you wanted. Each day was made unique.


We were also just lucky to have a wonderful mother and son combo from Canada on board. We shared many an evening sharing memories, food and wine.


Sailing this coastline is a wonderful way to see Croatia. Seeing this country from the water gave us a different and often forgotten view point of the wall towns and cities. You could have easily been transported back in time looking at these Cinderella towns from your sailing boat.  In the bigger towns, my advice would be to wonder out from the tourist spots for food and go for a walk. You never know what you might find.


Out of the many highlights, dolphins being one, was stopping in the deep sea and going for a swim after the fresh food we got for lunch.  The water gave you a hug of warm water all around you each time you went in. 


All we will take away from this trip is a lot of laughter and a lot of love. Thanks to everyone on board and the captain Geoff for making us feel a warm welcome. 


United States of America

Paul loved his trip with Med Sailing Holidays, check out his review here:

Chris & Mairi

New Zealand & USA

What can I say that hasn't already been said here already! 


Sailing the week from Split to Dubrovnik was an absolutely incredible holiday full of memories, laughs and sunshine that I will not forget for a very long time. 


Geoff, our captain, was always insightful, full of suggestions and had invaluable knowledge of Croatia that made our trip feel truly unique and not just a typical cookie cutter jump on and jump off boat ride. We found ourselves in secluded bays, eating delicious food, and soaking up sunshine and swimming every day. Frequently I felt like Geoff was taking us off the beaten path and giving us a truly unique and original perspective of Croatia that I felt like some of the other cruises wouldn't give you.


If you have any hesitations about booking DONT! You're in excellent hands and I must admit, this website needs a disclaimer stating how relaxed you will become and how hard it will be to go back to work afterward! 5 stars.



This could be not only the best sailing holiday, but one of the best holidays I’ve EVER had! It had everything you could ask for: a beautiful boat, seafood to DIE for, Delicious Croatian wine aplenty, a skipper who not only knows the sweetest spots to stop off and play each day but also the best islands to visit and is happy to move on or stay according to whatever the party aboard wishes. I genuinely can’t recommend this enough and I’m already signing up for next year (Geoff; you’ll see us soon!!)



New Zealand

Book it! Serious, and book it again for next year! 


Geoff and crew is the only boat to do Croatia in. Period! Sailing Croatia has on the bucket list for years, but hadnt done any research. All I heard was 'Yacht Week' is a must but when one of the friends had lined up a boat (that wasnt 'Yacht Week') I was thinking we had missed the boat (pardon the pun), but Hello Sailor! (pardon the other pun), forget Yacht Week! If you want a super cool skipper and even cooler itinerary of classic and hidden spots to drop anchor and disembark to taste local cuisine and delicacies - fine wine, good cheese, fresh seafood, burgers and champagne (there is such a place, and its on the list!), star-light cocktails on hidden rooftop bars, cool excursions by bike, scooter and car (optional extras, but will not break the bank), and not having to stick to a set roster or routine, stay a little longer here, or skip there cause the weather changed, then look no further (you'll be thankful when you have this option, watching other boats poke their nose in an idyllic spot, to not even stop and take in the beauty, let alone drop anchor and take a swim break, you would be disappointed). And then there is of course the sailing - as in sailing under actual sail, like a real yacht (you dont get that with a power boat), all very surreal and breath taking, and of course catching up on some reading, or sunbaking on the deck, snorkeling off the back, diving off the front or playing with the lilos, rubber rings and oversized rubber ducky. 


We will be back.. Cant wait till MSH starts sailing the Caribbean and Greek Islands again, be all over that! ;)



From the outset Geoff couldn't have been more accommodating and flexible to make this trip one that we'd never forget. He organised the perfect itinerary in our eyes with a perfect balance of secluded bays where we were the only boat moored for a delightful breakfast, to swanky bars and buzzing ports where people watching was the order of the day! We really felt like this trip was formed around initial conversations we had with Geoff prior to arriving in the country and that he had made this bespoke to our needs. We never felt 'herded' around to the usual spots like many other boats were. He really listened to our requests and bent over backwards to provide that. 


To be honest we didn't expect much from the food before boarding but we were delighted with the breakfast and lunch each day, with the excellent quality of the food and fresh fruit provided being top class. The truffle cheese was amazing! 


Most importantly, safety on board was a top priority for Geoff and this made a big difference to the trip, we could relax in the knowledge that we were in expert hands and we even enjoyed learning the ropes....literally! Being involved with sailing the boat, mooring, tying ropes etc added a whole new element to the trip that we hadn't expected. 


This was a 'once in a lifetime' trip for us and Geoff made it one that we'll never forget. Sensational!



What a wonderful experience! Sailing from Dubrovnik to Split with Geoff was the perfect antidote to a few stressful weeks of work, by the second day I felt as relaxed as if I had been away a week already! An absolutely beautiful country, excellent food, a great itinerary and a superlative skipper... will be back again!!

Sandy & Jim

New Zealand

We have just sailed from Split to Dubrovnik with Geoff on the 49 foot "Sea Princess", the week is yet another peak experience for us. This is a superb way to explore such a beautiful part of the world.

The week was a charming mix of rest and relaxation, but also being involved with sailing and berthing the yacht. Guests that have never sailed before will emerge with new skills but will never feel pressured to engage.



Our recent trip with Med Sailing Holidays has marked a beginning of a series of new love affairs: with sailing, adventure travel and Croatia. Barely have I regained my footing on solid ground that I was anxious to make plans to be back at sea. So happy to have been given this unique experience and am eternally in debt for introducing me to sailing in such comfort, style and terrific company. Could not have asked for more and I hope to see you spread the joy to many more delighted guests for years to come.


Bella's blog on the trip can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Luxury Travel

If you’ve ever fancied a sea adventure taking in spectacular coastlines and stopping off along the way for lunch and a swim, then Med Sailing Holidays will take you on the unforgettable trip you were hoping for. For those less-nautically minded among us, you’ll be relieved to hear that you don’t need to know how to sail but you can get as involved in the sailing as you like and your qualified onboard skipper will show you how.



Getting out of the water was so hard.  I'll have to come back for the Croatia tour next year



I was so pleased you insisted that I take the wheel, now I think I have the confidence to learn to sail.  The trip was awesome and I've made some great new friends!


New Zealand

All my life I've been dreaming of sailing the Greek Islands, now I can say that I've done it.  Amazing.



I told you that I was afraid of the open water, now I don't see how I can live without it.  You've changed me.



I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a week away that she wouldn't forget, now she won't stop talking about it.  I will be coming back to sail the Greek route next year for sure.

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