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If there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught us is that we should always be prepared not only when traveling but also in life generally because we will never know what will happen to us (to the world) tomorrow. Uncertainty is something that we deal every day but if we make it an effort to prepare for those inevitable situations, we lessen the burden of having to worry about it when the time comes.


We have always suggested our customers to get their travel insurance upon booking their sailing holiday trips with us. This way whatever circumstances will arise; they will be covered and for added peace of mind knowing that they are secured as well as their luggage, accommodations, and flights.


There are plenty of reasons why we all must get travel insurance and most of the insurance companies state these reasons specifically in their policies and coverage.


In line with the recent events, travel insurance with added coverage such as Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) is a must because majority of the travel insurance do not cover foreseen events such as pandemics after it is announced. So, it is always best to consider including travel insurance in all of your future travels to save you the hassle of having to deal with it when the situation calls for it.


*We have listed a few insurance companies or insurance listing websites where you can compare policies of different insurance companies and gauge which insurance policy suits you best. We are not receiving any kickbacks or financial gain for any referrals.  We are suggesting them under good faith for your protection. We cannot be held liable for their performance. 


One of the insurance companies we have found that offer CFAR is Seven Corners. You can view the travel insurance policy here, or call and speak with Troy who can help you further advice. There are also other travel insurance providers that can offer you a CFAR (cancel for any reason) policy, here is a list:



Travel insurance is vital, and it is particularly important that you do your research before leaving overseas to ensure you have the right level of cover for the type of trip you are taking. Each holiday and international destination will require something different from your insurer so always take the time to talk with them about your plans.

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