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What would you like to know about Sailing Croatia or Sailing Greece?  If your questions aren't answered below, please contact us and we'd be delighted to help you out.


Why are you more expensive than 18-30s charters?

Many operators catering to the 18-30s markets have older boats that will sleep 12 party goers to share operational costs. We prefer to operate another way by keeping the numbers onboard low, providing you with a more enjoyable experience.


You may also find that with cheaper advertised costs, there are many hidden extras along the way, such as a 'pre-departure tax' of £60 paid in cash.  Our price is an all-inclusive price (see below for the inclusions), so you know what you're in for from the start. As an example with most operators, there are additional charges that you're unaware of until you arrive at your boat, such as food, marina berthing & port fees, skipper fees and additional booking charges that will end up costing you a lot more in the long run.  All on board and boat running expenses are covered by our per-person price.

What's included in the price?

We are proud to offer the most inclusions on your trip. Included in the price is more inclusions than any other operator, but don’t take our word for it, compare what you’re offered and you’ll see for yourself that we include everything and there are no hidden surprises such as marina fees, fuel, food etc.


The price includes:

Your private yacht

Your crew (skipper and hostess),

On board meals (breakfast & lunch),

Fuel (up to €150 for a monohull or €200 for a catamaran),

Marina fees (circa €600 per week - in Croatia)

Drinking water,

Local taxes,

WiFi (4G unlimited data for Croatia or 8Gb for Greece),

Final cleaning fee and insurance,

NO ‘departure taxes’


The price does not include: restaurant dinners, excursions, BYO alcohol/mixes and crew gratuities.

What's the average age of your guests?

For a typical cruise, our guests are typically mid 20's right up to their 60's.  We try to pair groups in the same age groups. Unlike other operators that have an age limit of 35 of their guests, we provide a skippered sailing holiday for professionals and mature audience. We'll leave the back-packer and party demographic to the other operators. 


Do I need to carry cash?

Yes, that’s a good idea.  Some of the islands/bays we will be entering are small towns that may not have the convenience of an ATM nearby, so it’s always a good idea to have cash (local currency) with you at all times.


Do I need to consider other costs?

Yes, it's good to allow for extra costs.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided on board, so you will need to allow for dining out at restaurants.  As everyone's tastes are different, so not everyone will always dine together.  You will also need to budget for any alcohol purchases.  

You will also be responsible for flights, transfers and gratuities.


Can I BYO alcohol?

Yes.  Please remember that galley (kitchen) space is limited, so please consider that when you're planning your weekly drink schedule.


Can I BYO food?

Yes.  We provide breakfast and lunch, so if you have any special diet requirements or like to snack throughout the day, you can bring on food to suit you.

Do I pay for the crew's dinner?

No, although if you wanted the crew to join you for dinner it's customary for the guests to cover the crew's meal.  In some restaurants it's also customary for the skipper to receive a complementary 'crew meal' from the restaurant.

Do I have a choice in the restaurants I dine in?

It depends on the ports we're in. When we've berthed the boat in a marina or town quay, you're free to eat where you like according to your own schedule.  If we're in a small bay (on Mljet island) we will berth the boat on a restaurant's personal dock. It's both customary and polite to dine in the restaurant where we secure our boat. The other alternative is we anchor in the bay and you will need to use the dingy to get to shore and lose the convenience of electricity, the restaurants WC and the hop-on, hop-off access to the boat.


What sort of shoes do I need to bring?

Boat shoes are ideal, however non-marking, non-slip shoes are required on board.  Heels and black sole shoes are not to be worn on board because they will damage the boat.  You are free to wear them in port. 


You will probably find that bare feet is most comfortable on deck.


Rock shoes or wet suit booties are a great idea for exploring the rocks with a large number of Sea Urchins.

Is there WIFI on the boat?

Yes.  Each country has different phone and data providers.  On your Croatian itinerary, you will have unlimited 4G internet on the boat.  In Greece you will have an 8Gb allowance for the week and you have WIFI at the restaurants.

What are the average temperatures?

You will find that the temperature will fluctuate between high 20 degrees Celsius and high 30s.  It’s good to pack accordingly.


How much luggage can I bring?

As we’re on a boat with limited space, we ask that you try to pack as lightly as possible.  You are after all on a sailing holiday, so dust off your favourite swimmers and shades as you may find this is what you’re wearing most of the time. The best luggage to bring is a soft bag over hard luggage, this will also prevent damage to the boat.


Remember to bring some light evening clothing should you decide you want to dance the night away or frequent the local restaurants and bars. 


Do I need to know how to sail?

No.  Your skipper will take care of the sailing for you.  Your skipper has all the necessary qualifications, however you may be asked to lend a hand in important times such as entering and leaving a marina.


Can I arrange a group booking?

Of course you can!  We prefer group bookings/private charters, this way you have your friends with you to make your trip extra special.  Speak with us if you’re thinking about a group booking as special group deals can be arranged for the organiser, so it pays to check with us first.


How rough does the weather get?

We sail in the peak seasons, meaning that the sailing conditions are perfect.  Sailing is generally gentle to mild and the seas are generally very flat.  There will of course be the odd gusts to liven things up as Mother Nature does her thing, but that’s all part of the fun.  From time to time the weather changes, so we will decide what to do on the day.


Where do we meet the boat at the marina?

We will give you marina directions when you book. You will also have the skippers mobile to call for further instructions in case you get lost. 

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