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Sail Croatia and her beautiful coastline in 2024 and spend 7 days island-hopping across the stunning Dalmatian coastline! Our Sail Croatia itinerary runs from Split to Dubrovnik (and vice-versa) include the vibrant islands of Vis, Hvar and Korčula, the peaceful national park of Mljet, magical islands and private bays for your afternoon swim in between. 

Sailing Holiday - Hvar Croatia


Catch the sunset to the sound of house music, known for its sunset party.


Holiday in Croatia - Amazing Restaurants


Vis is not only one of the highlights of the sailing holiday, but is foodie heaven.

Wine Week


Korčula is the home town of Marco Polo as well as a range of restaurants and bars.

Cycle the Lake, Mljet


Every Croatian sailing holiday needs a stop at Mljet National Park.

Island Hopping in Croatia


Mljet is the most beautiful and most forested island in the Adriatic.

Sailing Croatia - Beautiful Sunsets


Take a stroll, marvel at the beautiful architecture and try to soak it all in.

Sail Croatia Itinerary

7 Days   From € 1,120 pp

summer fun
Sailing Croatia
Island Hopping Croatia

Everything you need to know on how to get to Croatia coming from your designated locations.


Family Sailing Holiday Trip


Our carefully crafted itinerary seamlessly blends with the breathtaking landscapes of the Croatian coast. Picturesque sunrise on the deck, sailing through crystal-clear waters, and exploring coastal towns. We've tailored an itinerary that covers all the bases - sea, sights, and some fun. 


Marina Kaštela

Marina Kastela

Welcome!  You will be greeted by the crew and will have a glass of Proceso waiting for you upon arrival at the boat.  We'll get our safety briefing completed then set sail for your first port of the trip.


Milna, Brač


We set sail once we're all boarded and head straight to the port of Milna, where you can explore the town and grab dinner, or enjoy cocktail on the boat.  


Evening:  Local restaurants, Cocktails on the boat, Visit old wine makers 


Vinogradse Bay


We start the day right by leaving early and having breakfast while looking for a swim stop and have lunch after swimming before we head off to Vinogradse Bay and enjoy the sunset white having dinner and cocktails.  


Activities: Swim / snorkel, Paddle boarding, Water taxi to Hvar (optional extra), Sunset cocktails at Hula Hula bar, 



Hvar Croatia

We will depart early to get a head start on the day's activities and to secure a berth on the very popular town quay, so you can hop on, hop off your private yacht. You can take an excursion to the Blue Caves, Green Caves & Stiniva Bay. Bring your camera for amazing pics. Once we are done with the action-packed stuff, we are off to the town of Vis where you can take a wine tour, military tour or just wander the streets at your own leisure.


Activities: Swim / snorkel / scuba / free diving, Paddle boarding, Blue Caves / Green Caves / Stiniva Bay fast boat tour, Beach day, Town sight-seeing, Military tour, Wine tour, Hire a scooter or car and explore the island  



Vis views

After sailing down the Dalmatian coast, we arrive at the postcard-perfect marina in the heart of fortified Korčula Island with plenty of time to wander the old backstreets. Korčula is the hometown of Marco Polo as well as a plethora of restaurants, bars, and jewelry stores. You can enjoy a sunset cocktail overlooking the sea before dinner.  Just imagine if the stone walls could talk. Sunsets are not to be missed; a great vantage point is from the old turrets.

Activities: Swim / snorkel, Paddle boarding  

Evening: Bars / Cocktails in old castle turrets, Spectacular restaurants, Cocktails on the boat 

*alternative berthing is Lumbarda if Korcula is not available.




We will stop in the crystal-clear waters for a swim, wine & lunch, before heading into Polače. You can bicycle through the National Park and around the beautiful lake for a golden sunset. We eat dinner at the restaurant we dock 'Med Style'.

Activities: Paddle boarding, Swimming, Mljet National Park tour, Cycle the lake, Explore the monastery   


Evening:  Bars, Traditional tavernas, Cocktails on the boat  



Korcula Marina

We have one more stop on Mljet on the way down and it's the cute town of Okuklje. Try and pronounce that with a mouth-full! This is an old fishing bay and it's amazing for star-gazing when all the lights have gone out. We eat dinner at the restaurant we dock 'Med Style'.

Activities: Swimming, Paddle boarding, Beach day   


Evening:  Cocktail bar, Traditional taverna, Cocktails on the boat  




We head down to Dubrovnik, but not before making one last swim stop before we arrive at the marina. If you're up for it, we'll take you into the Old Town for sunset cocktails, dinner and painting the town red in the local bars and clubs.

Activities: Swimming, Paddle boarding, Cocktails on the beach 
Town sight-seeing 


Evening: Bars, Traditional tavernas, Cocktails on the boat  
Explore Dubrovnik Old Town 



Dubrovnik Sail Croatia

Check out at 8am. Sadly it is time to say goodbye, until next time.

Please note the itinerary may change without notice due to weather, sailing regattas or other reasons. Departure on Saturday, providing no significant boat damage from previous week.

Full Boat


Here is our Oceanis 48 up close. Look how beautiful it in the cobalt blue ocean.


Introducing our beautiful Oceanis 48. This sailing yacht is one of the best models in the industry and is a popular choice for sailing holidays.

Sail Croatia Forward cabin


These cabins are situated on the front part of the monohull. It's not as big as the Aft but some couples prefer it here. 

Aft Cabin (Starboard)


These cabins are situated on the rear part of the monohull. It a bit bigger than the Forward cabin and is more for shared charter.

Holiday in Croatia


We offer the most inclusions and the best value for money!


You're greeted with Champagne upon arrival


Seven days/nights accommodation on your luxury private yacht


Half board: your hostess will prepare your breakfast & lunch


Full friendly crew: Skipper & hostess. Learn how to sail or test your skills with your qualified skipper.


All your onboard costs included: Your weekly marina & port fees, *fuel, final cleaning fee, tourism taxes.  No hidden charges or 'departure taxes'.
*fuel paid at end of week for private charters


Wifi (4G unlimited data)

wine bottle

Bring-Your-Own (BYO) alcohol.


We also have a Snorkeling gear on board for your usage.


Crew dinners and fuel are excluded  for private charters



Sailing Holiday in Croatia


Everything you need to know on how to book your med sailing holiday trip. It's very simple, it'll make your booking as "smooth sailing" as possible.


Sail Croatia and her beautiful coastline in 2021 and spend 7 days island-hopping across the stunning Dalmatian coastline! Our Sail Croatia itinerary runs from Split to Dubrovnik (and vice-versa) include the vibrant islands of Vis, Hvar and Korčula, the peaceful national park of Mljet, magical islands and private bays for your afternoon swim in between. 


Sail the week down the Dalmatian coastline, we stop in secluded bays for your afternoon swim break and lunch.  You will get to explore the hidden gems that are only accessible by boat.

Whether you want a cabin or a private charter when you sail Croatia in 2021, you'll discover that the Adriatic Sea is the clearest around, perfect for an afternoon dip and with a plethora of bays to explore and konobas to choose from for dinner, you’ll never be too far away from traditional meals and the warmth of the local hospitality. 


As you sail Croatia on your private yacht, you can switch off and relax as we spend leisurely days at sea navigating some of the Adriatic's most beautiful islands as we sail Croatian coastline.  Learn how to sail, or just spend afternoons lazing on your yacht before wandering secluded villages as we take our time to show you another side of Croatia. 

You want to sail Croatia and not worry about about the details, so we offer a fully crewed cabin and private charter with a fully qualified skipper and hostess, so you don't have to lift a finger on your Croatian sailing holiday. We take care of the provisioning, cooking and cleaning, giving you more time to relax and take in the beauty of your Croatian sailing holiday. 

If you like what you've heard, then this trip is perfect for you, gather your friends and either book a cabin or hire the boat to yourself on a private charter.


Book your Croatian sailing holiday now!

Med Sailing Holidays Offers Island Hopping Trips Through the Waters of Croatia

Med Sailing Holidays offers a convenient way for everyone from couples to groups to see the splendour of the Mediterranean or Caribbean on sailing holidays in Croatia. With almost 2, 000km of coastline on the turquoise Adriatic, Croatia boasts some of Europe’s cleanest shores with its photogenic beaches dotted by ancient cities. With over a thousand islands, it is ideal for island hopping and exploration with our talented crew at the helm.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Sailing Vacation in Croatia 

Everyone wants to get the most value for money, and we offer different options to suit your budget. You can charter one of our luxury yachts for a private holiday or charter a cabin on one of our public sailings for a fraction of the cost. Here are a few more tips to help you get ready for your Croatian sailing holiday:

  • Our talented crew will take care of your breakfasts and lunches with an unparalleled menu catering to vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. For dinners, you are on your own to explore the fantastic and often inexpensive restaurants and cafes in the cities and towns that we reach at the end of the day.

  • If you have the time to spare, make sure to reach Croatia a day or two before the yacht sets sail. Both Split and Dubrovnik are beautiful cities with many attractions to explore and experience, make sure you make it to the marina with plenty of time to spare. Arriving a day or two early usually means a better airport experience, too as Saturdays are usually the busiest days at the airports in Croatia.

  • People tend to over pack for their sailing holiday, but we always recommend packing light. Remember your swimwear, something to wear when you go out for the evening and a warm jacket in case. We provide bed linens and towels, but you may bring your own beach towels. Don’t forget rock shoes if you plan on doing a little exploring.

What Sets Med Sailing Holidays Apart Regarding a Crewed Yacht Charter in Croatia

We offer a higher level of service and cater to a wider range of guests. A few of the things that sets us apart include:

  • There are no hidden fees or ‘departure taxes’ when you come on board. When we say our packages are transparent and inclusive, we mean it.

  • Our boats come with Wi-Fi at no extra charge. In Croatia, we provide 4G with unlimited data.

  • We provide your breakfasts and lunches, but you are also free to bring food and drink. Galley space is limited, so plan accordingly.

Things to Do on Your Bareboat Charter in Croatia

If you know how to handle a sailing yacht and want to experience the beauty of the Dalmatian coast in seclusion, try bareboat sailing in Croatia. Unlike our other private charters, the bareboat option comes without a crew and gives you the freedom to explore some of Croatia’s 1, 000 islands. To get the most out of your bareboat charter, it is best to plan to make sure the activities you and your group are interested in are available. This option is perfect for couples or small groups looking for adventure. Here are a few of our favourite places along the Dalmatian Coast to give you an idea of where to steer the yacht:

  • Dubrovnik is one of the two cities our Croatian charters depart from, and it more than earned the title of ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. A haven for lovers of history, it has played an important maritime role for millennia and even rivalled the Republic of Venice for control of trade in the Adriatic. Don’t forget to take many pictures of the imposing Lovrijenac fortress.

  • Situated about halfway between Dubrovnik and Split, Vis is always a popular island to visit with family-friendly beaches and numerous activities and excursions to try for the adventurous type. 

  • Split is Croatia’s second largest city and home to plenty of outdoor activities including white water rafting and one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

Why Trust Med Sailing Holidays Regarding Family Sailing Holidays in Croatia

Many of our guests choose to bring the whole family on one of our yacht holidays in Croatia, often choosing a private charter to have the boat to themselves. The turquoise waters of the Dalmatian Coast offer something for everyone, from those who want to sit back and relax, to those who crave adventure in the water, or even history buffs more interested in the beautiful ancient cities that dot the coast. With a private charter, you can design a custom itinerary based on where your family wants to go and what they want to do. There is no better way to create memories that will last a lifetime. If you are interested in learning more about our Croatia sailing holidays package, or any of the other beautiful locations we visit, contact us today.


When you book a sailing holiday in Croatia, you want to make sure you get the most value for your money. It’s also important that you’re aware of the costs before you book your trip, so you don’t have any surprises after it’s too late.


When you are looking at your options for a sailing holiday in Croatia, you will first need to establish if you are booking a private yacht charter for your friends and family, or are you going to book a cabin charter for a fraction of the price.


We offer two options, the first being a fully crewed, all inclusive option which covers everything your trip needs. The second option allows you to just book a 'Boat and Captain' option and you can manage your expenses yourself. This option is only available on selected dates.


Whichever option you opt for, you will need to consider all the running costs, which you can’t avoid, such as your captain, berthing, cleaning, fuel, provisions and so on. If you haven’t factored these into your costs, you might be in for a nasty surprise.


Whether you book our private charter or cabin charter option, you will see that we don’t leave anything out in the extensive list of inclusions we offer. This means that at first glance our fully crewed sailing holidays are more expensive than the other operators, however upon closer inspection you will find that our total package price will come in costing you less and giving you more value.


When you book a sailing holiday in Croatia, sometimes you want to keep an eye on the expenses yourself, so we're offering you the opportunity to manage your own trip.

On selected dates we offer you the 'Boat & Captain' option.  This price includes the following:

  • Boat: Oceanis 48

  • Captain and captain meal allowance

  • Cleaning fee

The price does not include:

  • Hostess

  • Berthing

  • Food

  • Fuel

  • Tourist taxes

  • Early check in

  • Wifi

  • Refundable security deposit €2,500

With the Boat & Captain option you are responsible for all operating costs and meal preparation.

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