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Your Private Yacht Charter to Croatia Will Leave You Breathless

Ever thought about hiring a private yacht charter to Croatia? Med Sailing Holidays doesn’t only offer the most exotic holiday destinations, but also the best packages to Croatia. Your holiday with us will leave you fulfilled, as it is the best of all worlds – sun, sea, adventure, relaxation and luxury. 

What Sets Med Sailing Holidays Apart Regarding Private Yacht Tours in Croatia

Set sail with us, our sailing holidays will take you to places that you can only access by boat and you will get to see marine life in the open waters.

  • Our fleet of three yachts and a catamaran offers exceptional comfort for your tour. Relax and leave your sailing to our qualified skipper and hosts or learn to sail yourself. If you need a bigger boat for your group, we charter one to suit your needs.

  • Experience the bright and majestic Adriatic Sea as we take you on a seven-day island-hopping tour. Explore the islands at your leisure and enjoy the local hospitality when we stop for lunch or visit the national park of Mljet or a few private bays.

  • If you have a special tour in mind, but you’re not sure what will be included, or if it’ll suit your budget, talk to us. You can create your own yacht experience.

Join us on one of our private yachts for a tour to Croatia for your special wedding anniversary, couple’s getaway or special family holiday. Specialised yoga, wine tours, fitness or gay cruises are also part of our service offering. 

A Short Buyer’s Guide for a Private Sailing Charter to Croatia

Relax in the beauty of Croatia and let our fully trained crew take care of the cooking, cleaning and provisioning, so all you have to do is relax.

  • Book your private charter in Croatia for your party. If you want to surprise a special someone and need a boating adventure, we have it. 

  • Whatever your occasion, we arrange your private sailing charter according to your size and budget, on-board our traditional sailing yacht, motor yacht or catamaran. If you’re a fan of water sports, we’ll include some water toys. 

  • You tell us what your group needs, and we listen. If you want to pay one price, we include what you need. If you love cooking and don’t mind cleaning, we’ll customise your package accordingly so that you can enjoy the whole experience. 

A benefit of booking a private charter is that you won’t have to wonder what type of guests will join. You know the people who will be on the boat, and you feel comfortable around them. 

What Customers Stand to Lose if They Don’t Use Med Sailing Holidays

If you’re looking for a different kind of holiday, Med Sailing Holidays is the answer. All-inclusive sailing packages can be misleading. Some prices are steep as they include services or products that you wouldn’t necessarily use, or you find that the inclusive price excludes more than it includes on a private boat charter to Croatia. When you return from your cruise, you’ll feel revived and ready to face reality. Don’t delay, call us to arrange your special occasion.