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  • Rebecca Armstrong

Off the beaten track

Many travellers love to leave the comfort of their living room and travel, who doesn't? But when they get to their destination, do they stick to what's familiar or look for the less-explored areas?

We've all been there, travelling to a foreign country, like Croatia, and eating meals that are familiar to us, staying in a hotel chain we recgonize and visiting shopping stores with global chains. It's when we surrender to our sense of adventure and put aside our fears of the unknown and take a metaphorical cannonball dive into it. Total submersion.

Being outside of our comfort zones is where we grow as people, but not only that, it's where we gain the most and ring every last drop out of our travels.

So my advise to the wary, learn a few local words, instead of turning left, turn right, instead of a familiar meal, try the unknown and see where it takes you, who knows you may even like it!

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