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  • Rebecca Armstrong

A little bit of everything

If you're anything like me, you have an idea about what you want from your holiday. A beach holiday, shopping holiday, some R&R and some down time. In saying that, sometime you need to break the mold and try a little bit of everything.

What has dazzled me is the extraordinary treasures Croatia has to offer; one day you're in a secluded bay, swimming from the yacht, sipping a wine and feeling the stresses of life melt away. The next day you're taken back in time to old towns, exploring fortified cities and smelling to tantalizing smells coming from the kitchens. Lucky for me, all the walking works up an appetite!

I may be getting on in my years (and no you can't ask a lady her age), but I still like to mingle, sip cocktails as the sun goes down an get drunk on the excitement in the air. Hvar, you sure know how to throw a party. Where else can you rock like an 80s hair band, then take in the national parks and feel at one with nature.

Sailing Croatia as a holiday choice opens you up to her rich tapestry of culture, sights and new experiences, so why would you take a run of the mill holiday when instead you can learn to sail, use the wind to get to the islands as they used to years ago and take a time capsule in time.

Two words, do it.

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