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Gay Tips for Couples Visiting Croatia

On a typical day, Croatia is gay-friendly. The country has been embracing the fact that same-sex relationship is throbbing, And in the 1970's, opened their shores to a multitude of gay tourists.

The term “friendly” on the other hand is a broad term even if you’re not talking about being gay. People who are deemed friendly will still have a couple of names that they’re not in good terms. The same goes with the word if it is associated with Croatia being gay-friendly. Traditional folks will still stare, ask questions among themselves or just be perplexed. There’s no need to blame or point the finger. Keep in mind that you’re visitors in a foreign country; if ever you and your guests encounter such individuals, just give them your sweetest smile and enjoy your stay.

Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik are key places that gay tourists are welcomed with open arms and open minds. Going on a holiday cruise in Croatia will have these three on the top list, and skippers will definitely dock in them as you sail through the country’s famous Dalmatian Coast.

Kasjuni in Split has a quiet nude beach where gays can enjoy. Although it’s not the entire beach itself, one section is popular where tourists of the same sexual orientation can interact with each other. Another is Lokrum, an island in Dubrovnik that’s accessible by boat. The beach is a hotbed for gay couples and should give you and your partner one of the best first-time experiences in Croatia.

We’re staying in Dubrovnik and visitng Troubadur. The quaint music bar is open to gay couples who want to lounge and enjoy good music after a day of travel. Hvar, Rovinj and Zagreb, known to the country for its Zagreb Pride held every June as a footprint to promote the LGBT community, are also magnets for the queer.

Again, Croatia is no gay paradise. It is, first and foremost, a Catholic country, and its liberated approach towards same-sex relationships and the whole LGBT community came through changing times. This, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy Croatia in its entirety if you’re gay. Public display of affection will be the first thing conventional people in the country will notice, so it’s a good deal for you to keep it on the minimum.

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