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What To Expect When Sailing The British Virgin Islands

With more than 50 islands and a shelf of stories that surround each body of land, the British Virgin Islands is a treasure trove of adventure with all the bells and whistles one looks for in a perfect sailing getaway. From the beautiful Tortola, to the famous Jost Van Dyke parties, BVI has one surprise after another, and there’s no hint of stopping.

For those who have come to know the cluster of islands before they sail, there’s more to BVI than just splendid seas, white sand beaches and a tropical climate that could soothe the weariest of souls. The islands is also home to some of the most exquisite bars and restaurants, the infamous Painkiller cocktail, and the friendliest of people on this side of the globe. Needless to say, they are more than just a destination – they are a journey in itself.

Deciding to go on a sailing charter need not be an uneasy feat, especially for those who will try the holiday for the first time. All they have to do is know their destination, take on the challenge and go where their feet and body directs them to go. After all, it’s not every day that people can marvel at some of Mother Nature’s greatest creations.

Here are some things to expect when sailing the British Virgin Islands:


First off, you’re going on a vacation. Although you and your companions will be spending most of your time on a chartered or private yacht, sailing is an avenue for relaxation, soul searching and for reinvigorating the tired body.

Swimming, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, paddle boarding or simply dipping your toes on BVI’s cool waters will greet you from day one up to the time you bid goodbye to the islands. In fact, they are known for their shallow waters and rich marine life, while at the same time, maintaining world-class dive spots for those who want to take their adventure up a notch.


Island hopping is probably the second thing that you want to do when you sail the BVI aside from those mentioned above. This is a no-brainer of course, since the BVI is known to house a multitude of islands under her belt.

If you’re still up for it, visit the Virgin Gorda Baths for a more tranquil swimming and snorkeling experience. Tortola’s Cane Garden Bay is another, but this time it will have you suit up a SCUBA gear.

Craving for a snack? Tread to Stanley’s for a bite or to the Sandy Spit for a cocktail (or two) and watch the sun set on the horizon.


Again, you’re on “me time”, and there’s absolutely no one that could make you do what you don’t want. You are your own boss, but since you’re leaving all your work in the city to enjoy the great outdoors, it’s up to you on how you would want to spend the day.

The BVI comes with one of the most scenic backdrops, making it a perfect location to catch up on your reading, updating your journal, writing about your travel and many more. it can also be an impetus to think of things that you want to achieve in the future, clear your inner self and be refreshed. The list can be endless, and it’s up to you to craft something out of it.


What else is there to do but to enjoy every minute that you spend on the BVI. It is, of course, the reason why you decided to sail here in the first place. Attend parties, eat local delicacies, mingle with the people, discover its culture, everything is possible and all others will follow.

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