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Travel insurance - it might be worthwhile checking with your company to ensure you're covered for sailing activities or any last-minute emergencies,

International Drivers Permit - if you plan on hiring a car or scooter while on holiday, it will pay to have an IDP (International Driver's Permit). Some countries can be relaxed around the requirement, while others can be strict,

Travel dates - if your schedule allows it, stay an extra day before and after your trip. Don’t fly in on Saturday and join the boat immediately, then finish your trip on Saturday, then fly out that day, you will miss out on so much of the amazing Old Towns. Also, the airports are very busy on Saturdays, so allow for an hour to check in during peak times,

Rock shoes - the rocks can be sharp and if you have some rock shoes, they may be a handy addition to your luggage (if you plan on a little exploring),

Luggage - most people tend to over pack for a sailing holiday. You generally can pack on the light side, just remember your swimmers, something for the evening at dinner and a warm jacket. Soft bags are preferred on the boat as they're easier to stow away and cause less damage,

Beach towel - We will provide ben linen and a towel, however if you’d like a beach towel it may pay to bring your own,

Linen - a towel and hand towel will be provided for the week,

Power adapter - it’s always good to bring a power adapter for any electrical items, including USB cords and 12V connectors. The boat has 2 prong European power points, personal power banks are also a great idea to bring with you,

Accommodation - if you're planning on staying longer in the stops, remember to book your accommodation also. You can try companies such as Air BnB, booking.com etc.

Medication - if you need medication, remember to bring it with you, including seasickness tablets if you get motion sickness. It’s better to be safe than seasick!

Music - pack your favourite music on your iPod or MP3 player and remember to pack your aux cable,

Money - bring cash for our first day, as the island may not have an ATM or accept cards,

Alcohol - Bring your favourite drink for your first night, should you wish to have a wine on board,

Shoes - any shoes with dark or marking soles and heels are not permitted on board. It would be wise to bring flip-flops or similar for the hot weather,

Personal - Remember your personal toiletries, including shampoo and to pack your swimmers!

Internet – Although we will have WIFI on the boat, if you want permanent internet on your phone/devices, you can buy a T Mobile SIM for €11 which gives you local calling, SMS and 7-days unlimited 4G data,

WhatsApp - If you haven't got WhatsApp installed on your phone, download it as we create a group specific to your boat so that we can communicate with everyone and all guests and crew can share their best photos with everyone,


Other items guests like to bring can also include:

Underwater camera or GoPro for creating a video of your holiday,

National flag; some guests like to bring their national flag to hoist and fly to show the diverse nationalities that travel from afar to enjoy the sailing experience.

What to pack