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Your ultimate summer destination!

Experience the breath-taking coastlines of the Croatia or Greece. We have a wide array of itineraries depending on the vibe you want for your holiday, or Mykonos the adventurous on a private charter.


Sail with us and discover the wonders of the Mediterranean first hand.

Pride Sailing


Indulge in the culture and beauty of every island or we dock in for 7 days. Wine and dine, meet locals, and engage in fun activities. There is so much adventure that awaits you.

Gay Sailing


Spend 7 days relaxing on a luxury sailing yacht. Drink, eat, and swim with your friends or other like-minded travelers on the trip. We're sure you'll go back home energized and ready to face the real world again.

Gay Private Charter


Host your very own cocktail nights on-board or paint the town red and party together with locals and a few tourists in a local pub or bar. Now is the time to let loose, nothing to worry, we've got your back.

Gay sail


Of course, what is sailing without swimming? Get to have fun in the sun on the scenic swim spots your skippers have chosen for you. This will be the perfect time to bust out your skimpiest speedos and hop on a floatie.