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10 reasons why you should visit Dubrovnik in 2016

You’ve heard people talking about their incredible trip to Croatia, how they partied at dance music festivals on islands with breathtaking sunsets and sparkly clean blue seas. Or maybe they were sailing from one of the many gorgeous historic towns to the hundreds of islands with hidden bays, sampling local seafood and some of the great wines that Croatia has to offer?

At first they were interesting, then a little annoying because you became jealous, asking yourself why did I go to Spain to that overcrowded town with too many hotels and not enough greenery? Why didn’t I trust the hype was real and book a holiday on the Adriatic coast and be the one raving about my holiday in Croatia. Well it’s simple; don’t make that mistake this summer. Here are ten reasons why you should without a doubt, or second thought, book a holiday in 2016 to one of the most beautiful places in Croatia, the city of Dubrovnik.

1. Park Orsula We thought long and hard about sharing Park Orsula with you. Once you visit you’ll understand why we wanted to keep it for ourselves. This park is possibly the most beautiful outdoor concert venue in Europe in summer and is host to a rich programme of artists from different countries. The park’s single stage has the island of Lokrum and the Old Town of Dubrovnik as its backdrop. Summer 2015 saw Asian Dub Foundation perform so we think it’s only a matter of time before this place becomes as renowned internationally, as it is locally. 2. Club Revelin Some say that Dubrovnik’s biggest nightclub is one of the best in Europe, we’re inclined to agree. Each summer, Revelin brings a host of the world’s biggest DJs to perform inside the historic city walls. Whether you’re in to house music or electro, you’re bound to find a night to get you on your dancing feet. Ticket and drinks prices are lower than at clubs on Ibiza, so you might leave with some change in your pocket. The club also plays host to live concerts throughout the year with many of the biggest stars from the region taking to the stage. 3. Lopud island This beautiful island is more than meets the eye. Home to a luxurious four-star hotel, Lafodia Resort, Lopud offers true rest and relaxation just a short boat ride from Dubrovnik. The car-free island is famous for its sandy beach call Sunj, where you can enjoy cocktails, lunch or simply swimming in the blue sea. Alternatively, Lopud is also a great destination for hiking and kayaking if you want to be active during your stay. 4. Peljesac The peninsula of Peljesac is 40 minutes drive from Dubrovnik and is wine-lovers’ heaven. Many of the region’s best wines are made here and you can spend a few days just going from village to village sampling the local tipple. The olive oil is award-winning too. If you’re more of an adventure freak then why not head to Viganj for some windsurfing or kitesurfing? There are plenty of hills to be climbed too. If it’s history you’re interested in, or you’re afan of oysters, then the town of Ston is a must visit! 5. The beaches – Pasjaca, Plat, Banje It’s with a heavy heart that we share the names of some of the most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik but it would be selfish just to keep them to ourselves. Pasjaca in Konavle is a man-made beach that may disappear in coming years so be sure to visit while you can. Plat beach offers some of the cleanets and clearest seas you will ever bathe in while Banje, just outside the Old Town has some of the best views. 6. Sunsets at Mount Srd and Sivi Soko If it’s all about ‘the photo’ for your Instagram or Twitter feed then sunsets at Mount Srd above Dubrovnik’s Old Town and Sivi Soko in Konavle won’t disappoint. Just don’t spend too much time taking photos and enjoy the breathtaking views over the Adriatic Sea. 7. Game of Thrones Did you know that Dubrovnik doubled as King’s Landing in the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones? If you’re a fan of the show then take the opportunity to visit some of the locations and put yourself in the frame. Walking tours are available if you’d prefer a guide to show you around. 8. Dubrovnik Summer Festival This summer will see the Dubrovnik Summer Festival celebrate its 67th year. Over the years it has welcomed actors such as Dame Judi Dench, Daniel Day Lewis and Goran Visnjic to its outdoor stages. The city turns into one, huge venue with plays held on islands, concerts on top of fortresses and street performers along the Stradun. Don’t miss the chance to see a world class artist perform with the historic city as their backdrop. 9. Adventure in Konavle This part of the Dubrovnik region is heaven on earth for those who like an active holiday. Whether you’re in to mountain biking, hiking, cimbing or horse riding there’s something for you. Konavle is even home to two adrenalin parks for children and adults alike. 10. Divlja Liga tournament Divlja Liga translates as ‘Wild League’ and it does what is says on the tin. This is the annual amateur water polo tournament that sees people rush from work to the beach to support their team. The final is held in the harbour of the Old Town and tensions run high with masses of pride at stake. The fans are what makes this tournament what it is though, don’t be surprised to see drum players on fishing boats, flares being lit or supporters in fancy dress.

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