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  • Rebecca Armstrong

Croatian cuisine

When you sail Croatia there is one thing you absolutely must do and that’s eat the local cuisine. The food is just too good not to.

Traditional Croatian cooking is heavily dependent on the grill and almost everything is cooked on the grill, including the vegetables, which gives them a delicious caramelized and smokey BBQ flavor.

Croatian food consists of plenty of seafood with the fish of the day, cooked on the grill, scampi, shrimp and octopus. Many restaurants will create a real seafood lovers paradise with a banquet fit for a King!

A traditional way of cooking food is a slow style called “Peka” or “under the bell”. The meat you choose for your feast, whether it be lamb, pork, goat or fish is placed in a large cooking try, along with the vegetables and covered under a large iron lid, or ‘the bell’ and placed into the grill fire and covered in the hot coals.

If you want the Peka for dinner, bring your appetite and make sure you get in early and order at least 4 hours ahead of your dinner time, it takes that long to slow cook your meal. I can assure you, it’s well worth the wait!

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