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Happy Croatia

Society as a whole, is slowly opening their hearts and minds to the LGBT community as part of their system. Still, there will be some that will cast an awkward eye when they see one, but this doesn’t mean that they are afraid – a fading fact that will soon be erased from their consciousness.

More so, gay couples need not be afraid to do what they want, especially traveling to other countries. Cruising Croatia via their Pride Sailing Holidays is a program of Med Sailing Holidays that caters to the wandering needs of gay couples. In a nutshell, they offer Croatia as a gay-friendly tourism spot that accepted homosexuality in 1977, alongside its prime destinations that sews both natural and cultural beauties.


In 2002, Zagreb became the first city in Croatia to host an LGBT pride. Known as “Zagreb Pride”, the march was first initiated in Southern Europe. It is celebrated every second Saturday of June, with programs such as a popular Pride March, talks and speeches courtesy of LGBTIQ activists and central themes that revolves around the movement’s “Pride Platform”.

By 2011, Split followed Zagreb’s footsteps as the second city in Croatia to adopt the LGBT Pride March. It was organized by two local LGBT organizations and Dominoes, a feminist faction. Although Split Pride has had their fair share of criticisms from anti-gay protesters, the event pushed through while bannering their slogan, “Different families, same rights.”

3 years after Split, Osijek became the third city in Croatia to have its own Pride March on September 6, 2014. Since then, these three cities have become a focal point in relaying the rights and privileges of the LGBT community such as gender expression, military service, adoption and recognition of relationships.


With around 200,000 LGBT couples visiting Croatia annually, it is safe to say that the country is more than just a hidden paradise when it comes to tourism. Dubrovnik, Rab, Rovinj, and Zagreb are among the spots in the country that are gay-friendly. In fact, Rab has been a prime hotspot for gay tourists since the 1980s. In 2011, Rab Tourist Board Director Nedjelko Mikelic opined for Rab to be a “happy island”, wherein gay couples can be themselves, “whether you are a same-sex couple, a heterosexual couple, a mother and a daughter, a couple in love. Nothing negative will happen to you on this island, and you will be happy.”

Gay Sail Croatia will have you cruise the country’s famous Dalmatian line on your private yacht. The seven-day, seven-night holiday comes with an exclusive gay island hopping trip that will start from the gay-friendly port of Split, down to Dubrovnik. From there, a well-experienced skipper will lead you and your guests to nude/gay beaches while at the same time, point you to some of the country’s “happy” spots. Should you want to learn how to sail, your skipper will teach you the ropes while you wait to have your breakfast and lunch prepared by your host.

Pride Sailing Holidays is the best gift that you can give to yourself and your partner. Relax, enjoy, and be yourselves in this special trip to Croatia.

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