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Croatia & Greece: Europe's Entry Points for Tourism

Europe imposes a rich and diverse culture to any traveller fortunate enough to step foot on her land. Many have been enthralled by the way it is described, and those who have had the opportunity to walk its path will only bear pleasant memories and the dream of returning once again and retrace their steps.

Croatia and Greece are two entry points of Europe's diverse tourism industry. These countries offer more than just break taking sights, a friendly commune and an adventurous heritage; they are also portals that will transport us back to the time when gods and mortals stood side by side, where poets captured the imagination of the world, and where heroes are molded and took their stride as beloved figures and beacons forever etched in literature.

Homer's classic epic, Odyssey tells of the exploits of Odysseus and his return to Ithaca, his home. Much like the poet's other masterpiece, the Iliad, Odysseus' journey was riddled with trials and tribulations. One particular dot in our hero's journey is venturing to the island of Mljet when he sought shelter after his ship was wrecked. According to Homer, as Odysseus was swimming for his life,

a hole opened and led him to a cave. This is also where he was held captive by the goddess Calypso and made Odysseus her lover for seven years.

Today, the island of Mljet is a vantage point to the sprawling blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. Med Sailing Holidays has included Mljet as part of the Sail Croatia package, and will take you from Split to Dubrovnik on board your private yacht. The 7-day cruise along the Dalmatian coast will also traverse several islands, including Vis, Milna, and Hvar.

Another highlight in Homer's 24-book Odyssey is his hometown of Ithaca. Located off the northeast coast of Kefalonia, the island is known as a romantic destination and relaxed atmosphere. Beaches and antique-like villages dot Ithaca, with Vathy serving as its capital.

As mystical as it is serene, Vathy exudes the warm hospitality of Ithaca and welcomes any guests, just like Odysseus and his family would have treated theirs. Med Sailing Holdays; Sail Greece package will lead your yacht to Vathy and other popular destinations that line the islands. The 7-day cruise will let you explore its famous beaches, relive olden heritage and embrace the ambiance and prestige of exploring one of the world's historic sites.

Since the dawn of time, man has been in love with exploration, with discovery. While it gives a sense of achievement, it also emits a wonder of a feeling. Med Sailing Holidays embodies these aspirations while providing each tour with the best accommodations. What is left for you to do is to relax, enjoy and cherish every moment. Take a side trip away from the bustling grind of the city and cherish what the world has to offer. Sail the open sea and look to the great beyond. Treat yourself the ones that you love with the holiday that you need. Sail with Med Sailing Holidays.

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