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Croatia's Gastronomic Adventure

Aside from exploring heritage sites, tourism spots and hidden gems, food is a definite staple if you really want to enjoy a new place, region or country that you are traveling. Tasting an unfamiliar cuisine brings a certain whiff of excitement, and while you're mingling with the locals, eating their delicacies will make you feel that you're one of them.

Discovering Croatia is a beautiful experience, whether you're a seasoned traveler or just starting to scratch dots off of your bucket list. The country itself is a diverse concoction of sites, sounds and smell that waves its welcoming hands to any tourist. From its prestine beaches, the famous Dalmatian coast to its warm and friendly community to its versatile cuisine, Croatia has something to offer to anyone.

Croatian dishes are heterogenous, meaning that food varies from one region to another. Every region in Croatia has its own distinct cuisine, but the dividing line of the country's palate adventure is most notable in how mainland and coastal regions prepare its dishes. Mainland cuisine are etched in roots of Slavic, Hungarian and Turkish flavors and uses a lot of spices. Coastal areas meanwhile infuses Greek, Roman and a hint of Mediterranean. They mainly use olive oil as opposed to lard in mainland, and relies more on herbs such as cinnamon, rosemary, sage, nutmeg, and the like. While charcuterie are common in all regions, cooking styles such as peasant and bourgeois vary and draws a certain characteristic.

Coastal favorites, like those popular in the Dalmatian coast, plates fish and uses a lot of olive oil, garlic and other seasonings. Favorites include Crni rizot (squid risotto with shellfish), Brudet (seafood stew), Pasticada (steweed beef) and the traditional Bakalar (salted cod).

Going mainland meanwhile will have Zagreb in the middle of their maps and will have their spoons and plates full with meat, potatoes and vegetables. These parts are made for the true carnivore and will have their taste buds go wild with some of the most sumptious dishes ever made. Some of their must- try recipes are Cobanac (meat stew with potatoes, carrots, pancetta and paprika), Zagorje (soup with bacon, vegetables, spices and cream), Cevapcici (skinless sausage served with flatbread, chopped onions and avjar) and Burek (meat pie with different fillings).

Croatia also offers a variety of pasta, soups and cured meats to their guests, but those who have been in the country more than once will recommend tasting their wines and cheeses. Croatian wine also belong in regions: Continental and Coastal. There are more than “300 geographically-defined wine-producing areas” in the country that produces dessert, white and red wines. Local beers, aside from the famous Heineken, Stella Artois and Gosser), are also crowd-pleasers, while coffee is a common ground in almost every crevice of Croatia.

Med Sailing Holidays' Croatia cruise will not only give you the best of the country be sea, it will also bring Croatia in a plate. Part of the seven-days, seven-nights holiday is to explore fabled towns and popular hole-in-the-wall spots to relax your body after a day of sailing and discovering the hidden glamour of Croatia on your private yacht. That way, you and your guests will get a chance to know Croatia by heart and by stomach.

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