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What To Bring And Expect On A Sailing Holiday

Sailing holidays are perked-up island hopping tours. They spice things up a bit by leading guests to coast, with stopovers to several ports and beaches. Guests can do pretty much whatever they want when they're on a sailing holiday, but to the extent that what they are doing is safe and won't hinder the whole vacation vibe.

Sailing through Croatia's Dalmatian coast or Greece's cyclades or the Ionian will pack some planning, much like any other holiday. Aside from prepping your private yacht with the essentials, you and your guests will also prepare for what's to come.


The first thing that you need to consider is that you're going on a trip to a foreign land. This will only mean that you have to bring all your travel documents, including your passport and identification cards. These will be shown to authorities should they ask for one, while your cards will serve their purpose to the maximum.

Cash is second on your must-bring list. You can exchange your currency to that of Croatia's Kuna, or Greece's Euro beforehand, or you can have it when you reach the country of your choice. Banks, certified exchange centers dot these countries, and it won't be a hassle to find one once you're docked.

Once you're done with the important things, it'll only be a matter of time before your backs are filled with swimsuits, shorts, slippers, shades and sunblock. Leave your lavish clothes and jewelries at home as you will be spending most your time swimming and exploring towns.

It is also recommended to bring medication just in case you get a hint of allergy or cold while you're on vacation. These unlikely predicaments will come as a surprise and will not poke you that they're coming to ruin your vacation.


Med Sailing Holidays' Sailing Holidays in Croatia will set your private yacht on a trip down the Dalmatian coast. The intinerary will start from Split to Dubrovnik (or vice versa), alongside pitstops in Milna, Hvar, Vis, Korcula, Polace, and Okukje. Greece on the other hand discovers the Ionian Sea and docks at Vathi, Kalamou, Ithaki, Kefalonia, and Lefkas.

This will mean that you will spend most your time sightseeing and swimming. Don't fret about your yacht as expert skippers will be taking care of your investment with the highest priority. The only thing for you to do is to have fun and enjoy the crystal-blue waters and experience the best of Croatia and Greece when it comes to its famous seas.

Going inland is as much as an adventure when you're taking a dip or sailing. Storied towns, small cities, and famous names that you might have read in books will open their doors to travelers. This will also serve as a breather if swimming and sailing takes a toll, and you want to relax, take a sip on a cocktail and watch the sun set from a peak overlooking a paradise.

Interacting with the people should also bring a new experience. After all, it's a new experience to meet new people and get to know their culture. It may or may not be as close as what you are practicing at home, but at some point, ideals and values will merge, while some will open your eyes to a new world that only you can take part of.

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