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Going Solo vs Taking The Pack: What Should I Consider When Traveling?

Deciding to go on a vacation is just half the battle. Admittedly, the idea of saying “yes” to a potential travel escapade will pack a lot of questions, from the essential what-to-bring to the more complex how-much-will-I-spend-while-traveling. Is it just curiosity because this will be the first time that you will be traveling? Or is just because you’re making sure that your decision will meet the standards that you are looking for?

Everybody has to start from somewhere. There are no shortcuts to whatever we want to do, and the same thing goes with traveling. Unless you’ve been exposed to the many adventures of the outdoors, flying to other countries, taking long trips here and there at a very young age, the idea of leaving your place of comfort will be like treading on hot water. There will be risks, and there will be lots of it. But if you will not take these risks head on, you will only be confined to the restraints of your own bubble for the longest time.


If you are like the handful of other people who like to do things on their own, then solo travel might just be for you. Your independence should be vital to traverse the unknown, while your confidence sits you in a better vantage point.

Solo travel will mean that you can do things at your own pace. Your schedule (if you have one) will either start from point A to point B or the other way around. You can make up a timetable along the way, or just go with the flow by the time you get to your destination.

Another advantage of traveling solo is that you can relax and reflect more. After all, it’s the main reason why you’re on “Do Not Disturb” mode; traveling, let alone going on a vacation releases one’s anxieties back at home and with dreams to be a renewed person afterwards. Solo travel will give you all the time that you need to ponder over things. If it gets lonely, you can always mingle with the locals and meet new friends.

On the other side, going on solo trips, especially the long ones will also rattle your safety at some point. There will be no one to ask for help if there are emergencies, no one to back your identity (other than your IDs and passport). It’s in this helpless state that makes solo travel both an adventure and a risk at the same time.


Finding the opposite of the coin are people who thrives when there are two or more people around them. They are the team players, pack leaders, or just simply part of a circle or group. They find solace in their friends, feel more secured when they are around family members or close relatives, and they achieve more (maybe even better) as compared to doing things as individual pieces.

Going on a vacation with familiar faces on some unfamiliar place spells good time at its finest. By now you know that they can take their antics anywhere with them, and there’s no better place to strut their stuff than in a vacation. This will mean fun and laughter from the time you get your tickets, to the time that you’ll be saying adieu.

Traveling in a group will save you money. Not that much, but each will take dibs and turns paying for this and that, or you can just chip in to pay the tab, just like you do when you’re at home. Your group will also be safer since you’ll be doing things together rather than on your own. By this, you can watch each other’s backs for pickpockets, bogus sellers and cheapskates.

Your privacy however might be on the line if you bring your friends along. Sailing the Ionian or the Cyclades onboard your yacht, for example, will have you and your friends share the same quarters for days on end. There’s the question of hygiene, use of personal time and space, things like that. These may be overlooked at some point since you’re used to these kinds of things, but it won’t be long until someone notices something.

The same goes with your “me” time. Just when you thought you can just lie down and enjoy your book a friend suddenly pulls you for a swim. You suddenly feel the need to sleep when out of nowhere they decided to get a drink or visit a museum. Things like these will happen and are bound to happen if you’re traveling with your group. Not to mention the clash of personalities if there are disagreements.

Still, sailing is for everyone. Med Sailing Holidays cater to all travelers who want to try the vast and open seas of Croatia and Greece. The seven days, seven nights cruise will cover the best of both countries, giving solo and group travelers a real holiday.

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