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Sailing On A Budget: 4 Things To Consider

There is a standing notion that going on a sailing holiday will incur lots of money, time and resources. In other words, the holiday will be, for some people, expensive.

While this may or may not necessarily apply to the whole lot, cruising will make you spend money, just like any other vacation. However, there are guidelines that will enable those who are about to go sailing to save their hard-earned money and enjoy the gifts of the open sea at the same time.

Sailing Croatia or Greece thru Med Sailing Holidays’ sailing package need not be the reason why your wallet and bank account is on the brink of scavenging the remaining of your savings. The reason why you have planned to go sailing comes with a concrete decision to enjoy and experience a new meaning to vacation. Sailing the Cyclades or taking awe in the beautiful Ionian sea can’t just come from nowhere, let alone be done on a continuous streak. Unless you’re one of those who has more in life, enjoying the real fruits of sailing will require a decent amount of money.

Here are some things that you can do to save money and sail on a budget:


Charter companies like Med Sailing Holidays often post early-bird discounts on their websites, as well as advertising their promos on social media and other advertising methods. Keeping an eye on these will slash huge price drops on your sailing trips, as well as being the first in line in the perks that it will shoulder.

This is basically true if you don’t have a private yacht and is opting to rent the vessel. Visiting the website, booking as early as possible and informing those who are coming (as well as your office) should put you in the running of renting the best yachts, crew, and the like.


This is hardly a question in itself considering that Croatia enjoys a long sailing season. Peak season usually starts in April and will stretch until October, while off-season come in the later part of September.

The only dividing line between sailing during peak season as opposed to doing so in the off-season is the influx of tourists and some change in temperature. Picking dates during the off-season will also mean fewer boats, fewer people and a huge price drop in prices of commodities.


Visiting a new country for the first time comes with a tingle of buying – or trying – what it has to offer. By the time you dock to Croatia or Greece, the first thing that will cross your mind is to discover the country and turn it upside down. This means buying, eating and spending on trinkets and memorabilia left and right. If you’re not careful, you might just find yourself counting change and worse, bankrupt. It’s also worth noting that currencies in these countries would differ in amount, and it’s best to look ahead of things that you spend it on.


One of the things that vacationers want is to keep their palettes and stomachs happy. There’s no adventure as unique as tasting local delicacies, and for good reason: it’s not every day that you’ll get the chance to eat like Greeks or Croatians.

Eating on board will not only save you money, it will also consume less time docking and waiting. After all, can enjoy a full meal underneath the stars or witness the sun set in the distant horizon without breaking the bank. Romantic, isn’t it?

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