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Reasons To Enjoy Greece With Med Sailing Holidays

Greece is no stranger to those who have seen and heard her name in the many movies, books and stories that tells of her exploits. The country is riddles with olden mythos and tales of gods and goddesses; their adventures together with strong-willed humans echo within every pillar and stretch of land, and each has whispers to tell.

Today, Greece is opening its docks as a premiere destination for globetrotters, cruisers and explorers. Its natural beauty is a sight to behold; blue waters lure those who yearn for the sea, its culture, people and structure an open book. In essence, the country is a melting pot of history, arts, philosophy that has endured the test of times.

Exploring the crevices of Greece is only the tip of the iceberg for the modern man. With every means to reach the country is at their disposal, the country is no more than just a click of a button through Med Sailing Holidays’ Greece tour. The week-long cruise will touch the very essence of Greece’s rich tourism offerings, while sailing provides an up-close relationship with the Ionian Sea. Whether renting a cabin or a private yacht, Med Sailing Holidays is here to give you and your guests with the best provisions needed for the perfect sailing vacation.


Med Sailing HolidaysGreece tour comes with an experienced skipper and hostess that will guide guests throughout their stay in the country. The captain is well-equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the vessels, and the hostess is trained to extend the comfort of a premiere holiday.

The yacht itself is well-conditioned, and maintained to the highest standard. This is to ensure the safety of the guests as well as the crew onboard.


Your seven days, seven nights Greek excursion will include stops and dips in the many ports of country including Lefkada, Meganisi, Kefalonia and Ithaca. Each will come with surprises to the senses and body in an effort to relax and keep at ease even the most tired being.

Greece’s extensive cuisine should make the hungry more hungry, wines will complement each bite and the atmosphere coinciding with the friendliness of its people. Having the time of your life doesn’t get any better than this.


Med Sailing Holidays understands the value of money and as such, complements its services up to the last centavo. Each cruise is complete with the basic needs that you need to fully enjoy this once in a lifetime vacation. Fuel for the yacht is included, as well as the food prepared by the hostess. Snorkeling gear is readily available and should you wish, the skipper is ready to give free sailing lessons. These and many more will indulge the lot to be at ease as they float, swim, eat and discover the many gifts of Greece.

Sail with Med Sailing Holidays and embrace the wonders of Greece as more than just a destination, but a memory to be cherished and celebrated for a lifetime.

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