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Traveling to another country won’t be complete without trying their food. Veteran globetrotters will immediately say that eating local dishes is one of those “achievement unlocked” quests that will sum up your travel. It will, on the onset, kick off your adventure or cap your stay, especially when you do it with a local that you have befriended during your stay.

Local cuisine isn’t just for those who live on that country. It is also made, crafted, and cooked with love for any wanderer who wants to try something new. It is a new experience to their palettes, and this goes up if they are not really familiar with what they’re eating. Suffice to say, it’s a challenge for some, but when they have finished the task and overcome their fear of putting something new on their mouths, they can now stand up and shout to the world that they have conquered the place and their travel is complete.

With the British Virgin Islands part of the eccentric Caribbean, their culture – and cuisine – is what is known as syncretic. This means that the BVI comes with a union of different other cultures, particularly those coming from Europe, West Africa, the Americas and a dash of Dutch influence. This fact alone will give tourists a hint of what are they going to expect when it’s time to dig in: lots of curry, spices, garlic and jerk seasoning will dominate their dishes in a way that it will be both heaven and hell, but will still give eaters the culinary explosion that they are looking for.

Look for these in the menu when you’re sailing the British Virgin Islands and dock on one of their premiere islands:

1. Roti – Traditionally and Indian cuisine, this flat bread sandwich is filled with meat and various spices with curry as its main ingredient. Other roti varieties will have chicken, fish, shrimp or vegetables, potatoes plus a drizzle of mango chutney.

2. Callaloo Soup – Originally made from the leaves of the same name, the soup has been evolved and the main ingredient is usually substituted with spinach or dasheen. It is a staple favorite of those in the expanse of Dominica and the Caribbean. The Callaloo soup is boiled into a stew consistency with a mixture of meats, seasoning, coconut milk and okra, eggplant, onions, potatoes and a lot more.

Photo By: Caribbean Food

3. Fish and fungi – BVI’s national dish is an enigma but quite a delicious dish. Okra and cornmeal are brought to a boil together with butter. It is then served with boiled fish, or salt fish in the form of mackerel or cod.

4. Johnnycake – Originally called “Journey Cake”, this serving is made from flatbread cornmeal that’s mixed with sugar, salt, baking powder, butter and milk. It is then fried in cooking oil. Other versions of the Johnnycake is sweetened to serve as dessert after a heavy meal.

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