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What To Expect In Mykonos

Mykonos saw itself from a mere island to the island destination of Greece by way of leaps and bounds. While it didn't come overnight, Mykonos' Cinderella story took on a full circle, and it came to everyone's surprise that this quiet place will turn out to be a premiere spot when it comes to having a good time.

Mykonos is known the world over as Greece's Gay Capital, simply because it welcomes the LGBTQIA community with open arms. There are a number of gay themed bars and clubs around the islands that cater to the group. Everyone can enjoy their visit to Mykonos. It is still part of Greece, one of the world's most talked about countries due to its splendid stories before the dawn of man. The island still favors its rich heritage, although it is now lathered with modern conveniences. Be that as it may, Mykonos is and will always be Greece's shining beacon that will shine and attract people from all walks of life.


Needless to say, Mykonos is the place to be when you speak of parties. Djs from all over the world play their beats here nonstop, and peaks in at around July and August. Expect Mykonos to be packed with people: from the rich and famous, to neighboring visitors hailing from Croatia and other countries. This too will mean that prices will shoot up a bit, but if you really want to have the best time, these months will give you all that you can handle.


Mykonos is a puzzle and first timers will tend to get lost while exploring the island's loops. There's no point in arguing that we want to know more about something, but Mykonos tends to be on a league of its own. Most people who have traveled to the island on numerous occasion will suggest to stay close to town, unless you're in your private yacht or have friends who live in there. This way, it will be easy for you to go anywhere you want to go. Restaurants and places of interests are also found in proximity.


If there's one thing you came to Mykonos, then it must be the beaches. There are a number of beautiful beaches that line Mykonos, and each will have the best seat for either the best sunset or sunrise. Be aware, though, that the temperature of the water will depend on the month of your visit, but it will still be a fresh dip to take at any point of the day. If you're not worried about getting too tan, frolic and be merry. Paradise Beach and Sunset Beach are the mainstays, but if you ask around, they will probably point you to Agrari and Paraga, too.


From Italian to Greek and everything in between, Mykonos' long range of restaurants will tickle your fancy and leave you with a full stomach. Little Venice offers the best seats in the house and has the world on their plates. It might get a bit pricey because of, well, tourists, but it does tender an explosion of new flavors.

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