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STOP, LOOK, LISTEN: Your Must Know List When Visiting The British Virgin Islands

You've seen the pictures, read the reviews, asked your boss for a vacation – you're officially going to the British Virgin Islands.

As what you've already know, the BVIs is known to be one of the world's best sailing destination. To say the least, renting a yacht or going on a cruise will be the best way to discover one (or most) of its 50 islands. Sounds exciting, isn't it?

Take into consideration that you'll be spending time in a place that you are not familiar with. With that in mind, there will be some things that you need to consider. These will, at some point, make you save money for more important things and to make your stay all the more enjoyable and memorable.

Below are our “Must Know” list for the British Virgin Islands:

  • The best months to sail the British Virgin Islands are sometime between November and May since winds at this time can bring forth a solid push for your yacht. People usually flock the BVI around March and April, especially during Spring Regatta. If you're not fond of crowds, it's best to say away from these months.

  • US Dollars is the main currency in the BVIs, although they are technically under the British Overseas Territory. Hence, you need to have your Passport with you.

  • Caribbean, European and African make up most of the BVIs' culture, so be prepared to be blown away by the variety of people you meet on your visit to the islands. The same goes with food: lots of curry, spices and seasoning will bring a circus of flavors in your mouth.

  • Accommodations can be quite expensive should you go offboard and stay in a hotel. Even cheap rooms can be costly, especially when it's peak season. The same goes with food and transportation.

  • Again, sailing is the best way to reach and truly enjoy the perks of the BVIs. But if you're not fond of being seasick, taking a plane through St. Thomas is your answer. It's cheaper, too.

  • Don't let the islands fool you. Some of them are quite close, and they can be explored in a short period of time. Also, watch out for hidden spots along the way. You might discover something interesting en route to your island hopping.

  • Jost Van Dyke, one of BVIs' main islands is famous for its bars. One particular point of interest is The Soggy Dollar, home of the infamous Painkiller coctail. The concoction may be sweet, but it packs a mean punch in the end, so drink at your own risk!

  • People in the BVIs can be quite conservative, so don't be surprised if they tend to be casually dressed, even if they are only going to the beach.

  • Most bars offer “happy hours”. This means that they usually put promos on their drinks, to the point that they slash half the price for it. Rum is tax-free, too; if you want to get a hangover the next day, be an early bird.

Always remember that you're not in your neighborhood, and the BVI is certainly not some block away from your house. Your'e a tourist, a visitor, and you and your companions must abide by their rules. Nobody wants their vacation to be ruined, especially when it comes to a mere violation.

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