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Gay Sailing in Mykonos

Aside from the fact that Greece comes with myths and stories about gods, goddesses and the triumph of the human spirit, its islands are also known as some of the world's best when it comes to sailing. From the vast Ionian Sea, each wave will cradle your yacht to Vathi, Ithaca, Kefalonia and at the same time, marvel the country's prestine beaches, white sand turfs and pebbled alleys.

With that in mind, there is more to Greece than just sun, sea and surf. Mykonos, for example, is a budding and bubbling place for our LGBTQIA brothers and sisters to have fun and be themselves without taking on excess baggage of being eyed upon and doused with criticism. In fact, Mykonos is known to be Greece's “Gay Capital” - a heavy caption to bestow upon such a quiet spot, but it is slowly living up to its name as a must-visit place for everyone who wants to experience it and live life to the fullest.

Med Sailing Holidays' Pride Sailing Holiday cruise to Greece will take you and your friends to Mykonos as part of its seven-days, seven-nights vacation itinerary. From there, your private yacht will also stop at some of Greece's famous nude beaches, fine dine while looking at the horizon and of course, dance the night away alongside your special someone. Med Sailing Holidays also offers a catamaran and crewed gay charter complete with a skipper and hostess to accompany your troop for the rest of your vacation. This will indeed be your best trip to Greece, period!

Pride Sailing Holidays will indluge guests in the famous “Speedo Sunday” of Paros, Ios' “Underwear Monday” (plus a visit to Pride, the island's first gay bar), “Wig Wednesday” and Mykonos' upbeat “White Party”. These are all Instagram-worthy stops, so there's no time wasted when you're with Med Sailing Holidays' Pride Sailing tour!

It's easy to have fun when you're with your gay friends, but nothing beats the feeling of being out in the open seas with them. Not only will it level up the fun and excitement, the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian will also distinguish your trip from those that you have already done and mark it as THE BEST. Sailing is a one of a kind thrill that you won't find popping out of cereal boxes; it is a life-changing experience that only you and your companions can enjoy, savor and cherish.

Book with Med Sailing Holidays and take the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of Greece and feel first hand what it is like to set foot in one of the most storied and talked about grounds of the modern world. Try PRIDE Sailing with your friends and be awed at what Greece has to offer. Here you can bare ALL that you are, be free, and just be you. For one amazing week, discover your inner beauty and be proud!

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