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The Perfect Getaway: A Private Yacht Charter in the Mediterranean

Booking a private yacht charter in the Mediterranean with Med Sailing Holidays can be the most satisfying, relaxing experience that you ‘ve had in a long time. The private yacht means it will just be you and your family or friends, and time on the water to get to know each other again. Med Sailing Holidays will take care of you while you enjoy seven days of stops at the most beautiful islands

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding A Private Charter to the Mediterranean

Ask questions and discuss your needs and expectations with us to make sure that you understand what a yacht holiday entails.

  • Plan accordingly. We offer private charter hire with crew or cabin charter options if you wish to share a cabin and get to know new people. Pack accordingly as space on board is limited. You only need the basics and your swimwear, and perhaps a pair of fancy shoes to dress up for an island restaurant. Leave your jewellery and unnecessary extras at home. 

  • Location stops. Our private boat charter in the Mediterranean includes the beautiful Greek Islands while you can expect stops at Melissani Cave, the home of Odysseus in Vathi as well as a visit to the Blue Caves. 

  • Included services. We offer an all-inclusive experience with a skipper and hostess that will serve your meals and do the cooking and cleaning for you, so the only item on your agenda is to relax. We can also customise an itinerary for you should you not prefer the standard ones.

Added Services we Offer at Med Sailing Holidays

A trip to the Mediterranean in itself is already highly exciting, but with our themed week programmes, the seven days on the water can become even more of a special-interest adventure.

  • Yoga week. One of our “week experiences” is a yoga cruise. While you can still enjoy the standard itinerary, we have the added feature of a yoga instructor on board, to keep your body and mind healthy and moving in limited space.

  • Gay week. If you prefer to enjoy the week in the spirit of Gay Pride. We have an all-gay crew to add to the vibe of your guests, with Speedo Sunday and Undie Monday on the yacht. We also include a White Party on the party island as the cherry on top.

  • We further offer a Wine, Fitness and Dive experience, each custom made to suit the theme. The wine and fitness week both take place on the Croatia sail holiday while the dive week takes place in both Croatia and Greece.

Why Med Sailing Holidays is Cost-Effective

We’re a privately-owned sailing holiday company that caters to individual needs, and we adapt itinerary and services accordingly. If you are on a solo quest, you can even share a cabin to save on costs while not compromising on luxury. Contact us to book your charter holiday today.