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We understand that sometimes on your sailing holiday, you only want the best, which is why we've teamed up with some of the biggest super yacht operators in the Mediterranean to offer you a luxury yacht charter service and VIP style.

For your private yacht charter we can offer you some of the world's most elegant and stylish super yachts available in the Mediterranean, just tell us what you want from your private yacht charter and we'll present you with some of the finest options available in Croatia, Greece and other locations in the Mediterranean.



Selecting the right boat for your luxury yacht charter can sometimes be a little confusing, which is why we'll make it easy for you. Just tell us the number of cabins, number of guests, your preferred country and budget so can take care of the rest.

All our boats are fully crewed with a captain, hostess (and a private chef if you want) to take care of you, so that you have the perfect luxury cruising holiday.  Not all luxury yacht charters are created equal, which is why we like to over and above for your ultimate satisfaction.

If your private yacht charter is for a special occasion, honeymoon, birthday, anniversary or 'just because' let us know and we'll go to work to put on the best island hopping vacation for you.






Explore Paradise with a Luxury Yacht Charter to the Mediterranean

Reach out to the adventurer in you and book a luxury yacht charter to the Mediterranean. Known for its still, crystal blue waters, cruising through this part of the earth does wonders for your body and mind.

How Much do You Really Know About Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

There are many options for sailing through the waters of Croatia; therefore, research is necessary before you embark on a trip through Europe’s exotic destinations. 

  • Search for a company that takes all the stress out of the process. Hiring a yacht is only one part of the job if you’re going it alone. That will only include the vessel and not other services such as meals, welcome drinks and port charges, to name a few. This service is a crucial factor when thinking of chartering a yacht. 

  • Being on a luxurious chartered yacht means that you can stop almost anywhere along the route. Explore secluded bays for afternoon lunch where it’s just your party and the big blue sea. It’s as if you own the world with private yacht and staff on board that is dedicated to meet every request. 

  • The option of cabin charter. Spoil yourself with all the pleasures of a private yacht but at a fraction of the cost. Of course, there would be other people around, but it’s a small number of people who end up forming life-long friendships on the cruise through the Adriatic seas. Selecting a cabin charter still provides a glimpse of your own private yacht, but it will suit your budget.

Take the opportunity to enjoy your cruise through Croatia by putting your trust in a company that relieves the stress of the minor points of your holiday. 

Signs You Might Need a Luxury Yacht Charter to Greece

The ebb and flow of life catch up with you, which is why some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily living is required. One way to do that is with a luxury yacht charter to the Greek Islands. These signs are what you must look out for when you know it’s time for a getaway. 

  • Insomnia. Every night, you force yourself to bed but end up twiddling your thumbs in the early hours of the morning, wide awake without a sign of sleep, then you know it’s time to take a break. It is a signal of overwork and stress that you ought to deal with as soon as you can. 

  • Unhealthy choices. Always searching for a drink to calm you down, overeating and foregoing your usual training routine are signs that your body is tired. You may need a holiday to shake yourself back into gear and give your body a natural boost. The endorphins released in your body when you’re happy and stress-free keep you healthy and prevents disease. 

  • Personal relationships suffer. If you’ve tried to avoid a family gathering and keep switching your phone to ‘do not disturb’, that’s a clue that you need to reconnect with those very people. 


There’s no better way than bonding with close friends and family while sailing through the beautiful Greek Islands. Wipe every concern from your mind and place your holiday in safe hands.

Common Misconceptions People Have About a Luxury Yacht Charter to the Caribbean

There are preconceived ideas about yacht chartering. One of those is that it’s for wealthy people. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Chartering allows people to experience a luxurious yacht to themselves with hiring costs instead of purchasing the vessel on its own, which is far more costly. Yacht chartering is for younger people is another idea people already have, which isn’t true. We design all our cruises for mature people who travel with their families or are keen on themed cruises. 

Whether you’re looking to escape the chaos of city life and stretch your legs through some picturesque destination or searching for people like-minded to you in a themed cruise, we’ve got an option for you. Take a load off and contact us to book your trip to paradise. 

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