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If you are looking for a private charter in Croatia, the Greek Islands or another location around the world, you can choose to join a publicly scheduled sailing vacation, or you can arrange a private yacht charter for your family or party. We offer private yacht charters for groups who want a boat to themselves when sailing on your sailing holiday. Because a private charter is exclusively for your group, which means it's family and child-friendly.


For your private charter sailing holiday in any of our locations (e.g. Greece or Croatia), we will allocate you one of our premium yachts and crew, alternatively we can offer you a luxury private charter for special occasions to match your budget and size. We can cater to your private charter brief and offer you either a traditional sailing yacht, catamaran or motor yacht.

For your private yacht charter we can source the newest and largest boats in the local waters (depending on availability of course) and either offer our standard itinerary or build a custom itinerary to suit your group. It's your private charter, so let's make the most of it when sailing Croatia or the Greek Islands.


When we quote for your private charter in any of our locations (e.g. Greek Islands or Croatia) we can either quote for you a fully crewed, all-expenses trip, or quote you on a boat and captain, leaving the cooking and cleaning to you. It all depends on what you want, after all it's your private charter so you get to determine the level of service and ultimately the price.

Plan a 7-day island hopping adventure in Croatia on board your own private yacht and experience the beauty the Dalmatian coast has to offer. It will be a sailing holiday trip of a lifetime. Sail with your friends and family and indulge in Croatia's eccentric culture.


Book a private sailing holiday in one of the best places to sail in the world, the Greek Islands.  With multiple cruising zones to choose from: Ionian, Saronics, Cyclades we can create the perfect Greek Island sailing adventure for you.


Start your Italian sailing adventure in Porto Rosa on Sicily and sail the Aeolian Islands, including Volcano, Stromboli and Lipari. Momma mia, get ready for amazing food, wine and afternoon swimming as you island hop italy.

aeolian islands

A new hot spot is Montenegro and attracting sailing to explore the coastline and inner harbour and the beautiful towns. We'll create a leisurely itinerary for you and your group, so you can relax and enjoy the wonderful mix of old and new.


Whether your Caribbean sailing holiday is in the magical British Virgin Islands or another cluster, you will explore islands on your own private yacht and experience the legends of pirates, pristine white beaches, the clearest water and the warmest hospitality. Totally a sailing holiday trip you will never forget.

The British Virgin Islands.jpg

Check out the South Pacific and see a part of the world that very few ever get to see. Tahiti is  a beautiful location to explore and sailing has to be the best way to move around the islands, taking the comfort of home with you.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

One of the world's ultimate summer destination!


We can also plan a private trip if you have a specific place you'd like to go sailing to that is not on our list. Plan and see a part of the world that very few ever get to see. Choose from all the  beautiful location to explore and experience what they can offer.

Devils Bay BVI Sailing.JPG



When you book a private charter, whether that be in Croatia, Greece, Caribbean or any other location you are booking the private and exclusive usage of the yacht for you and your group. You may want a private celebration for your friends, family or just for a special getaway with your special someone.


By booking a private charter you are giving yourself more freedom, flexibility with the itinerary, port selection (within reason) and the amount of time you spend in beautiful bays relaxing or arriving in port early to make the most of the islands.


Advantages of booking a private charter is already knowing who will be on the boat, as it’d be your group and you can remove any anxiety about what the other guests will be like. You know that you’d have restful mornings and can conduct yourselves how you want in the evenings, whether that be civilized conversation over a wine, relaxing on the deck watching the shooting stars or turning the music up and having a little dance.


If you have any other special requests on your private charter, be sure to let us know in advance so we’re able to plan accordingly for any birthday surprises, meal requests or additional water toys.

Sailing Holiday
  • What's covered in the price?
    If you want an all inclusive package: The price includes your boat, on board meals (breakfast & lunch), your crew, *fuel, marina fees, water, taxes, final cleaning fee and insurance. *There is a fuel allowance You just need to cover your restaurant dinner, taxis, excursions, BYO alcohol/mixes and crew gratuities. If you want to manage the expenses yourself, we can arrange that also.
  • What's not covered in the price?
    Your expenses off the boat are not covered, such as flights, hotels, alcohol, transfers, restaurant meals and generally anything off the boat, such as water taxis etc.
  • What is the fuel allowance?
    Yes, if you request an all inclusive page, there is a fuel allowance in the price. It allows €150 on a mono hull and up to €200 on a catamaran. If you go over the fuel allowance, you will need to make up the difference alternatively if you're opting to manage the expenses yourself you can pay the fuel at the end of the week (price at the pump).
  • Do I need to pay a security deposit?
    Yes, you will need to block an amount on your credit card (between €1,500-€3,000 and higher for the large catamarans) to allow for any damages to the boat or outboard that is cause by yourself or any of your guests. The amount is released from your card on 'check out' of the boat with no damages or loses.
  • Can I hire a SUP (Stand up Paddleboard)?
    Yes. Please let us know at the time of booking and we can book one for you at €150 per week.
  • Can I book a private charter without a hostess?
    Yes, you can. If you prefer this option, you will be resonsible for your provisioning, cleaning the gallery, taking out the trash and preparing your meals, just don't forget you have to feed your captain also!
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Full Boat


Our monohulls are an exceptional boat for a private charter in Croatia, as they have 4 x double cabins available, allowing up to 8 guests in cabins and an additional 2 in the saloon.  There are 2 master aft cabins and 2 forward cabins. The cockpit boasts the largest seating area on sailing boats in her class, giving you more room and comfort while sailing the Dalmatian coast, lounging, and dining alfresco. They are spacious and beautiful cruisers, perfect for your Croatian sailing holiday.

Full Boat







Sail Croatia Forward cabin
Aft Cabin (Starboard)





*prices depend on the date and availability of the boat.










€8,960 to €7,960



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