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Yoga Sailing Holidays is an experienced-based brand of Med Sailing where we combine a yoga retreat, meditation and a sailing holiday all in one, for the best yoga retreat in Europe.

Launching our Yoga Sailing brand in Croatia in 2016​, we have been setting the pace and bringing the yoga sailing experience to the mainstream, starting with Yoga Sailing in Croatia, followed by Greece and now the Caribbean.  


We work with some of the best yoga instructors in the market, to give you a truly special and unforgettable yoga + sailing experience.

Your 7-day yoga sailing holiday is available in either Croatia, the Greek Islands or the Caribbean. We will continue to add exotic locations around the world, so you  you will enjoy daily yoga, daily guided meditation with your certified instructor as you island hop around paradise on your private yacht. 

Yoga Sailing Holidays is the market leader in providing fully crewed, yoga + sailing experiences in the world. We have a dedicated crew and boats delivering more trips in the Mediterranean than our competitors combined and for good reason. We provide more value, nice, bigger boats, an unparalleled menu catering to vegetarians, vegans and meat protein eaters.

Get in touch with us today and find out for yourself what makes Yoga Sailing Holidays the leader in the Yoga + Sailing market.

Combine Health With a Holiday on a Yoga Cruise to Croatia

Usually going on holiday means throwing out your healthy lifestyle, but not on a yoga cruise in Croatia. Daily yoga sessions while cruising exotic destinations will have both your mind and body in peak condition. 

Why choose Med Sailing Holidays? 

With a range of specialised holidays, we offer niche cruises which we tailor to a specific group of people. The yoga week cruise is a prime example of that, providing a holiday that you’re sure to enjoy. 

  • The best yoga retreat on offer. Combining a unique experience such as yoga with meditation and sailing results in the ultimate holiday. The daily exercise keeps you healthy while you enjoy time away from home. 

  • Partnering with some of the best yoga instructors around. They are well-trained and experienced in yoga and meditation, so you get the best out of them on your week-long yoga cruise. 

  • Yoga sessions are done every morning in a beautiful location while evening meditation takes place on crystal blue waters with the setting sun in the background. Further to that, we cater to vegans and vegetarians, who are on a journey to enlightenment. 


A yoga cruise to Croatia packages the beauty of the ocean along with daily yoga sessions to offer a complete experience for people who care about their health.

Fast Facts About the Yoga Cruise in Greece

Greece is one of the most picturesque places in the world. Visiting it on a cruise through idyllic seas while doing your favourite activity has to be the ultimate in relaxation. 

  • There are daily swim stops in crystal clear waters. Images of pristine beaches, magical blue waters and white cliffs come to mind when sailing the Greek Islands. Stopping at Porto Katsiki for a swim will leave you breathless, wanting never to return home. It’s one of the best beaches in Europe, making the top list every year. 

  • Stop at seven different ports to truly get a taste of Greek Island life. History comes alive when you visit Ithaca, the home of Odysseus, who was famous for leaving his wife and family for the battle of Troy. Many adventures await at the other islands that the yoga cruise sails through. 

  • Apart from the daily yoga and meditation, sailing the Greek Islands is designed to remove negative energy and reboot your mind and body. Other services are available such as breakfast and lunch, port fees, snorkelling gear for the adventurous, and even an opportunity to learn how to sail. 


After sailing through the postcard picture Greek Islands, there’s no doubt you will be renewed and revitalised.

History of Med Sailing Holidays 

Established in 2015, Med Sailing Holidays has quickly cemented itself as a leader in the industry. We operate all expenses included, cabin and private charters around exotic destinations such as Croatia and the Greek Islands. The holidays include a professional crew that are always sailing these routes and are equipped to cater to your needs. 

Our themed cruises are unique and gaining in popularity. Secure your escape to the serenity of Croatia or the utopia of the Greek Islands. Contact us to book your revitalising holiday.


Yoga Sailing Croatia


June to October

Yoga Sailing in Croatia is simply glorious as we sail the Dalmatian coast on your fully crewed private yacht, with yoga instructor. You will enjoy daily morning yoga classes in the most beautiful locations imaginable, daily swim stops evening guided meditation for total bliss.


€1,490 pp

Yoga Sailing Greece


June to October

Yoga Sailing in Greece is a bucket list item, If you've ever dreamed of sailing the Greek Islands, but wanted more from your vacation, then this is it. You will enjoy daily morning yoga in breathtaking locations, daily sailing and swim stops and evening guided meditation. This is yoga sailing paradise.


€1,590 pp

Yoga Sailing


January to March

Yoga Sailing in the British Virgin Islands on an unmissable voyage, encapsulating daily yoga, meditation, sailing and stories of pirates. We are blessed with spectacular weather, clear water and pristine white beaches. Each holds a new adventure and is bringing Yoga Sailing to the Caribbean.


€1,690 pp


  • What's covered in the price?
    If you want an all inclusive package: The price includes your boat, on board meals (breakfast & lunch), your crew, *fuel, marina fees, water, taxes, final cleaning fee and insurance. *There is a fuel allowance You just need to cover your restaurant dinner, taxis, excursions, BYO alcohol/mixes and crew gratuities. If you want to manage the expenses yourself, we can arrange that also.
  • What's not covered in the price?
    Your expenses off the boat are not covered, such as flights, hotels, alcohol, transfers, restaurant meals and generally anything off the boat, such as water taxis etc.
  • What is the fuel allowance?
    Yes, if you request an all inclusive page, there is a fuel allowance in the price. It allows €150 on a mono hull and up to €200 on a catamaran. If you go over the fuel allowance, you will need to make up the difference alternatively if you're opting to manage the expenses yourself you can pay the fuel at the end of the week (price at the pump).
  • Do I need to pay a security deposit?
    Yes, you will need to block an amount on your credit card (between €1,500-€3,000 and higher for the large catamarans) to allow for any damages to the boat or outboard that is cause by yourself or any of your guests. The amount is released from your card on 'check out' of the boat with no damages or loses.
  • Can I hire a SUP (Stand up Paddleboard)?
    Yes. Please let us know at the time of booking and we can book one for you at €150 per week.
  • Can I book a private charter without a hostess?
    Yes, you can. If you prefer this option, you will be resonsible for your provisioning, cleaning the gallery, taking out the trash and preparing your meals, just don't forget you have to feed your captain also!
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